Pride 2012

Pride Toronto 2012 Guide

Pride 2012 kicks off in Toronto for the big weekend this Friday, June 29th. Check out our Pride Party Guide for the hottest events and venues in Toronto.

Friday’s Foodie: 10 Questions with Lisa Ng

Lisa Ng is indeed hip and urban, and has, alongside her partner Wendy Kam, cultivated an audience of equally savvy chiquitas across Toronto. She also has a pretty slick love of food and is consistently in-the-know of the city’s food and restaurant scene. Find out more in this Friday’s Foodie…

Segwaying through the Distillery with Nokia

For the first time, our intern gals Adara and Kimberley travel on their own to explore the wonders of the The Distillery District. Powered by raw ambition and the wheels of a segway, they both experienced the tastes and sounds of this historic Toronto landmark…