New Year, New You: 6 Beauty Trends to Try in 2017

2017 beauty trends

Jadene Munson rocks bold brows & a fresh face (Image: Instagram/@JadeMunster)

New year, new you? If you’re looking to experiment with your look, Vv Magazine’s Sarah Harris rounds up the popular beauty trends taking over 2017. 

As the clock strikes midnight, many of us turn over a proverbial new leaf. We swear to chug more lemon water come morning, we promise to use our hair irons a lot less and we cross our hearts to hit the gym several times a week. While health, wellness and beauty priorities differ across the board, one thing always remains the same, the desire to try new trends.

Call us chameleons, or maybe just adaptive, but we’re so over yesterday. Goodbye ultra-glossy lips, see you never thin brows and say hello to a fuller face – yes, we’re looking at you injectable fillers. If you’re keen on swapping out yesterday’s old for the latest new, check out some of our favourite beauty trends you absolutely need to try this year.

And don’t worry, none of these are suggesting that you show up to brunch with glittery lips or a daring balayage treatment that is sure to get you fired. These are all attainable, relatively safe and definitely worth trying.

If you’re ready to make nice with your resolutions and be the “yes woman” you promised yourself you would be, pick one and don’t look back.

Fake it until you make it right? This year is all about that full brow sans stencil and heavy makeup. Yes, big brows have been around since Cara Delevingne inspired us all to put down the tweezers, but this year we’re just a bit better at making them look natural. Take the guess work out of achieving perfect arches and opt for a session of microblading. The procedure sounds scarier than it actually is, but this treatment does promise a tattoo like finish. Long story short, pigment is inserted under the skin creating a darker and more defined arch. The more settling news is that it’s applied with a handheld tool versus a machine, eliminating the risk for a disastrous finish. Find out what it’s like getting your eyebrows tattooed on here.


Extra-Long Locks
Whether you got it from your mama or you’re getting some help in the form of clip-ins, we’re with you 100% of the way, Rapunzel. Channel your inner Disney princess this year with waist-grazing locks. Think Kim Kardashian’s pin straight sweeping mane or Beyoncé’s ultra-long ponytail braid. Be bold with this look, as hair trends change as often as our moods. If you were pro-bob only a few short seasons ago, make a swift move before the tide turns back around.

We love Kimmy K’s long locks

No Makeup
Going nude is everything this year. While last year we layered on flesh-toned hues to build a more natural glow, this year is all about paring down, letting go of the contour kit and putting your best face forward. It’s time to start embracing your perceived flaws and shining just the way you are – we believe in you.

Lily Collins sports a fresh face

All Gloss Everything
From lids to cheeks and everything in between, this year is all about channeling that sweaty shine. And while those extra-shiny lids are definitely staying strong, you can start working your techniques into other parts of your face and body. Think your cheekbones and collarbones, because hey, why not? You glow girl!

Current inspo: Kylie’s glossy lids

You’re definitely seeing them pop up everything. Whether they’re intricately designed into a topknot or they’re the main act, everyone is embracing the braids these days. Just keep in mind that a full head of vacations beads will never count as trendy and that cultural appropriation should be considered before trying this trend. If you’re questioning or concerned about this hairstyle, start small and revert back to that Lauren Conrad braid circa 2004.

It-girl Gigi Hadid rocks braids mini-braids

A full pout, defined cheeks or a generally smoothed out complexion has never been more attainable. This instant gratification plastic surgery trend is far-reaching, probably no thanks at all to Kylie Jenner. If you’ve always wanted a sultrier pout, more defined cheeks, or simply rid yourself of those pesky under eye circles, getting a consultation should be your next appointment this year. And while the price tag can be pretty hefty, the results are long-lasting and should immediately get you on trend. Find out what it’s really like getting lip injections here.

Hailey’s pout is on point

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