50 Shades Of Vancouver

Vv Magazine’s Alexandra Gill takes you on a tour of Fifty Shades of Grey’s actual filming locations in Vancouver, BC (yeah, not Vancouver, Washington, as the movie sometimes feigns). The West Coast really is the best coast…

Holy crap! We finally saw Fifty Shades of Grey and can honestly say the film is better than the book (which isn’t really saying much). Thank you Sam Taylor-Johnson for finally muzzling Anastasia Steele’s annoying inner goddess with an invisible ball gag. And congratulations to the producers for casting Vancouver, B.C. as the chameleonic stand-in for Seattle… and Vancouver, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and (less plausibly) Savannah, Georgia. Ah, bet you didn’t know that Lotus Land was so adept at roleplaying. Seattle might be taking all the credit — and kinky tourism dollars — as the setting for E.L. James’s (torturous) erotic novel and its silver-screen conversion, but the movie was actually filmed in BC’s Lower Mainland last winter. Here are our 10 favourite cameos.

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Fifty Shades Of Vancouver

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Alexandra Gill

Alexandra Gill

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Alexandra Gill