Best Reactions to Donald Trump Becoming President

A rundown of the top reactions to Donald J Trump Becoming President on January 20th, 2017 Post will be updated regularly last update: 12:30 pm EST

The day which many have considered to be D-Day for the new millennium has finally arrived. Donald John Trump is officially the 45th President of the United States of America. The man who meets ire at every turn has been given the keys to the ultimate VIP – and people the world over are still shocked and dismayed by his storied win on Election Day 2016 and how it was achieved with a rhetoric so bombastic even some of the most far-right politicians began to sweat beneath their brows. But alas, the Donald has overtaken the Oval Office, and the tension in the good ol’ US of A is palpable on a global scale. If there’s anything the latest American election cycle has taught us it’s that now more than ever we need to rally for common goals, scream foul play from the rooftops, and communicate openly in respectful dialogue to find the vestiges of humanity that in these times can feel utterly lost to the ages.

To get a better sense of the current climate south of our borders, here’s a look at the landscape on social media as President Trump ascends to the most powerful position on the planet…



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