A Delicious White Castle Themed Pop-up is Coming to Toronto

Image: Instagram/@whitecastle

Sometimes when you got the munchies, you just gotta eat and not just anything, but a glorious burger from none other than White Castle. Harold and Kumar taught us that… Don’t forego your desire for beef and never settle for anything less.

Usually reserved for nights in and/or drunk occasions, it’s a film we can all relate to, but few of us can claim that we actually ate a White Castle burger while watching it. Although, that’s all about to change!

Tonight, The Revue Cinema is bringing the film to life as they team up with chef Nate Tasty of The Home of the Brave for a screening of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and tasting of the iconic burger (or the closest thing to it in Toronto).

The most recent rendition of their Food in Film series will feature sliders with fluffy white buns and signature pickles – everything you know and love about White Castle burgers!

If we’ve peaked your interest or trying the burger IRL has always been on your bucket list, we suggest getting advance tickets as the Food in Film series usually sell out fast. The event begins tonight at 6:45 pm at The Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalle Ave.

Happy eating and may your munchies be satisfied!

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Who’s excited to eat a White Castle burger during The Revue’s screening of Harold and Kumar? Let us know in the comment section or tweet us at @ViewtheVibe



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