A Quick Look of the History of Video Technology

Collection of different video formats

Photo: Oleg Doroshin

First, there was throwback Thursday then Flashback Friday. The lesser-known memory Monday, take me back Tuesday, way back Wednesday…. It’s a fun trend for sure, but putting up a picture of you on holiday in Spain two weeks ago is hardly a blast from the past. Our concept of time and history is ever-changing, as is the technology we use.

Take televisions and video technology, for example. Way back in the early 1900s, projection films were on display on huge screens in a cinema-like style. During the golden age of Hollywood, going to the movies was so popular that the percentage of weekly moviegoers has never been as high since!

Ironically enough, we’re back to watching things on the big screen but this time in our own homes. A lot has changed over the years as we went from huge projection films to small black and white screens in our homes then colour televisions, flat screens, tablets and most recently, even cell phones.

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The infographic below is a more accurate throwback, flashback way back collection of memories. All assembled from the development of video technology over the years. Userful has kindly put together this brief history of video technology and you’ll be surprised to see how much has changed. We’ll leave out the take me back because the future holds some exciting possibilities for television and video technology – take a look below!

Photo: Userful

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