A View the Vibe Review at Marben

They say things happen for a reason… so when Nicki, Michelle, Adam and I headed out to film our weekly vlog, we were left kind of flat when our original restaurant choice couldn’t accommodate us due to unseasonably high temperatures in the city and the resulting crowd of diners eager to step out of hibernation. So, we tried somewhere close by… same deal. Hungry and frustrated, we took a chance on another nearby restaurant that none of us had tried… Marben. Even with a full book, some arrangements were made and we finally found a home for the evening.

By this point hunger had manifested into pure starvation so we of course wanted to order one of everything on the menu. Enter Chef Misha Nesterenko with the perfect solution… a tasting menu. The only thing we insisted on was a sample of the famous Marben burger. We had heard only great things from fellow food-lovers and lets be honest, it would’ve been wrong not to.

We were treated to fresh oysters, house cured charcuterie (the pastrami was killer) and cod fritters, amongst other delicious offerings. And the burger…. Oh, the burger. Let’s just say the reputation that precedes it, is well deserved.

The peeps at Marben really went out of their way to make us feel welcome. The service was wonderful and the attentiveness of both the front and back of house staff was much appreciated by our ravenous appetites! Looking forward to heading back and this time I shall most certainly NOT be sharing my burger… ☺

488 Wellington Street West | MarbenRestaurant.com

Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of View the Vibe & Vv Magazine. Nicki has spent her adult life everywhere from Montreal to New York to St. Maarten, and finally ended up in Toronto. She started her career studying fashion journalism at FIT followed by working in media and PR with some of the world's top fashion and luxury brands. Eventually she ended up back in the restaurant business working with hot culinary spots in NYC, St. Maarten and Toronto. Her combined experience inspired her to start View the Vibe and Vv Magazine.
Nicki Laborie