Year in Review: Vv Magazine’s Most Popular Stories from 2016

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The Pink Park aka one of most Instagrammable Places in Toronto (Image: Instagram/@cabellobycarolin by @pamelaloud)

2016 is coming to a wrap and we’re rounding up the best of the city! From restaurants to activities to the individuals that make Toronto what it is, here’s what you need to know for the New Year. 

And that’s a wrap! 2016 has come and gone, and boy, was it a helluva year.

The 20 most popular stories from the past year ranged from restaurant guides to hipster Jesus to, surprise, a story about a Kardashian.

Take a peek at our top stories from 2016 below.

1. The Best Restaurants to Celebrate Your Birthday
Birthdays are a time when you can be as selfish and spoiled as you want, and no one can say anything about it. And unless you’re one of the Kardashians, that kind of pampering is a rarity. So take advantage of your special day by celebrating it at a restaurant that cares enough to commemorate it. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants segmented into categories to help you find the perfect spot for you to ring in another year with friends! Continue reading the story here.

2. Confessions of a Sugar Baby Seeking Arrangement
As the digital era continues to invade almost every facet of modern life, it was only a matter of time before the internet revolutionized the sex trade. Truthfully, the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent efforts to legalize prostitution were practically irrelevant to anyone who had already discovered Seeking Arrangement, an international website connecting sugar babies with sugar daddies. Nothing illegal goes down on the site, if you’re imagining escort-style profiles featuring hourly rates and a personal service menu. Quite the contrary. Continue reading the story here.

3. The Best Buck-a-Shuck Deals in Toronto  
Whether you like ’em plain or sauced, East Coast or West Coast, there’s one thing all oyster lovers can agree upon – they taste best when they’re only a buck-a-shuck. Though it may seem dollar oyster nights are few and far between, there are definitely a few spots around your neighbourhood that shuck ’em up weekly. Continue reading the story here.

Image: Instagram/@LasocieteTO

4. Toronto’s Best Tattoo Parlours + Our Fave Celeb Tattoos
Tattoos are no longer the exclusive domain of outlaws and bikers. From A-list celebrities to bankers on Bay Street, permanent body art is now being wielded for fashion and self-expression. Full sleeves hide under business suits and delicate ink peeks out from beneath cocktail dresses. But if you’re thinking of going under the needle, ensure that you’re getting the best the industry has to offer by going to one of Toronto’s top tattoo studios. Continue reading the story here

5. Toronto’s Best Cheap Grocery Stores
With the cost of living soaring ever-so-rapidly, it no longer comes as a shock when you drop a few too many bills on a week’s worth of groceries at your local Loblaws. In a time where we all have to hustle, we bring you Toronto’s best under-the-radar and cheap grocery stores so you’re not selling your liver just to buy pate from Pusateri’s. You can thank us later when you find your bills cut in half! Continue reading the story here.

6. Toronto’s Best Patios: The Ones on Rooftops
Even if there’s a wicked wind blowing your cocktail napkins and leaves from your kale salad asunder, one must not retreat for the stoic steadiness of the indoors. Rooftop patios offer the best of both worlds: outdoor dining mixed with closed-wall intimacy. Even with a stunning view and storeys between your feet and the ground, there’s something unapologetically VIP about squatting for hours on one of Toronto’s best rooftop patios – perhaps because there are no passersby to judge the mountains of empty cocktail glasses taking up table real estate. Continue reading the story here.

7. 10 Instagrammable Places to Roadtrip from Toronto 
With the Summer sun on the horizon, it’s time to bump up your ‘gram game and hit the road to see some of the beautiful things Ontario and surrounding areas have to offer. As much as Toronto is full of beautiful spots and delicious restaurants, there are a plethora of drool-worthy locales within a short driving distance of the GTA. We’ve put together a list of the most interesting places you can pop a ‘gram from this Summer. Continue reading the story here.

8. The 5 Best Hair Colourists in Toronto 
I know, it’s ‘just hair’, but those tresses on your head can feel like you’re crowning glory. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or planning a full hair makeover, put your head in the hands of these trusted tress masters. Continue reading the story here.

best hair colourists in toronto

Good Day Hair Shop (Image:

9. Lavelle: The New Rooftop Pool Everyone is Talking About
Lavelle, the massive 16,000 square foot patio located at 627 King St. West, promises to be the next go-to spot on everyone’s list. Not only does the new destination boast one of the longest rooftop pools in North America, but also offers an exciting night life, relaxing spa services, a garden, and an “instagram-worthy” rooftop swing set overlooking the city. Continue reading the story here.

10. Where to Drink Half-Priced Bottles of Wine in Toronto 
After a long day’s work there are few things more pleasant and relaxing than having a nice glass of wine… or three, let’s be real. Drinking at home alone may be great if you’re Bridget Jones, but for those of us who don’t live by the code of the single-white-female, usually, it’s nice to go out and socialise. While this activity is necessary for sound mental health, the habit of having a glass of wine here and there while you’re out with friends can get expensive… fast. Continue reading the story here.

11. Scene & Heard: Ghomeshi’ed, TOM*FW + KLEEN Media arrest
If you’ve ever partied on King West, you are familiar with the womanizing duo behind the promotional company KLEEN Media. It’s no secret that they like pretty girls – and young ones to boot. Seems half the duo, Mark Holland, took his love of ladies to the next level this past Saturday though and was arrested yesterday for sexual assault of an 18-year old female who was in his home for a professional photoshoot. The police report states that there is suspicion that this is not his first assault and that there may be more victims. No need to say – watch yourself ladies – this man is still on the loose and scheduled to appear in court on April 5th, 2016. Continue reading the story here.

12. 10 of Toronto’s Craziest Caesars 
A favourite drink amongst many, the Caesar is a uniquely Canadian cocktail in the midst of a mini-renaissance. Many top Toronto restaurants are bringing a renewed creativity when it comes to concocting the classic drink, mixing together over the top inventions. Blended with new flavours and stacked and loaded, these Caesars are anything but ordinary. Continue reading the story here.

toronto's best caesars

The Cure at Hunter’s Landing (Image: Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)

13. The 7 Best Barbershops in Toronto 
Do you remember the last time someone used the term “metrosexual”? We don’t either. No, no. Guys aren’t metrosexuals anymore – they’re dubbed hipster, well-tailored, or discerning. We credit this growth in totally more apropos terms with the resurgence of barber shop culture in Toronto. They never left… but for awhile there they weren’t cool. As in, bragging rights weren’t afforded those who took their hair-taming seriously. That’s all changed, and as a man, you’re only as rad as your hair situation is precise. So, to ensure you don’t become a total twonk (it’s British… look it up) here are the best barber shops/grooming studios for men in the T.Dot… Continue reading the story here.

14. I Trained my Waist like Kim Kardashian for Two Weeks 
Kim Kardashian is not a role model I would normally consider emulating. But you must admit that her hourglass figure is one of the great unnatural wonders of the world. So, when I discovered the secret to her Barbie doll proportions – waist training – I told my inner feminist to take a hike as I sought out a professional corsetière. Continue reading the story here.

15. 13 Underrated Restaurants in Toronto that you Need to Visit 
With so many “Best Of” lists, sometimes we forget the restaurants that are still tried-and-true amazing. Perhaps they’ve been around for a while or are just too up-and-coming, but that’s no reason to miss some of the city’s best eats! We’ve helpfully broken this list up into meal type, but in no particular order, so you can plan and eat accordingly. Declutter your mind and consider these spots for your next culinary night out. Continue reading the story here.

16. The Average Price of a Home in Every Major Canadian City 
After Trump’s Presidential win, many American’s joked about moving to the great North aka Canadaland. They even crashed Canada’s immigration site, which got, Canada’s largest real estate search website and apartment finder, thinking – if people are really considering moving to Canada, they’re gonna need the facts. Continue reading the story here.


17. I Went to Toronto’s Hipster Church and Found Cool Jesus
It’s Sunday morning and there’s a flock of cool kids in ripped jeans on the stoop of Central Tech on Harbord Street. It’s hard to see what all the commotion is about, but there’s an intoxicating buzz in the air that feels like a not-so-secret speakeasy in Kensington. Shuffling towards the auditorium, a stylish woman in a fedora announces, “The service is about to start, y’all!” Surrounded by a mob of fashionable young people, I take a seat in the front row, as a band the size of Arcade Fire sings uplifting rock anthems about Jesus on a stage with a smoke machine and blue neon lights. That’s when I suddenly feel His presence. Continue reading the story here.

18. These are the Most Instagrammable Places in Toronto 
There’s no denying, Toronto’s a beautiful city, full of wondrous, picture perfect spots. We round up the best places to snap a shot that are sure to up your likes. Do it for the ‘gram! Continue reading the story here.

19. Uber Driver gives Toronto Woman a Ride to Remember 
Halloween came early for rising YouTube star and anime/cyberpunk/gaming enthusiast Erika Szabo, when her Uber driver made threatening unwanted sexual advances bordering on assault. Szabo’s phone died just before she got into the car. Uncertain of whether payment would go through since it’s done through the app, Szabo told the driver her phone was dead. Seizing what he must have seen as an opportunity, Vice reported that the driver lied to Szabo, saying the payment wouldn’t go through if her phone was dead. Continue reading the story here.

20. Panties for Pay: Confessions of a Parkdale Panty Seller 
If I told you that the panties you bought on sale at Urban Outfitters are worth $200 each, would you sell them? Monetizing the oh-so-natural musk we take for granted, women have been selling their used panties for profit since the dawn of Craigslist. A lucrative side hustle for those bold enough to try it, it doesn’t take a veteran to know that there’s more to panty selling than anonymous dirty talk and stained underwear. Believe it or not, panty selling involves dedication, multiple gym visits, and most importantly: a story that panty sniffers will go nuts for.  Continue reading the story here.

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