About Us

Welcome to the new and improved View the Vibe, now called Vv Magazine. The name change may come as a shock, if you believe that brands shouldn’t take chances to evolve and Google penalties will destroy what we’ve built so far. We thought about that too, and that’s exactly what convinced us to do it. If online publications spend all their time worrying about what Google’s doing, they start writing for Google, and not for you.

View the Vibe originally launched in 2010 as a video restaurant and spa guide, and quickly evolved into a recognized online publication by producing fun and informational editorial content. The brand naturally established itself as a voice for Toronto and Vancouver through its fantastic vibe videos, restaurant reviews, trend stories, and more.

But this year we got bored with most contemporary media including our own – from indie and iconic magazines to grassroots blogs and “hip” news sites – we figured you must be too. There’s a reactionary nature to worldwide media these days that doesn’t inspire compelling opinions, boundary-breaking theories, and revolutionary cultural critiques. It sounds like it’s come from the questionably compelling viewpoint of someone sitting behind a computer screen scouring Twitter for the next big “number-grabbing” trend to spike afternoon traffic. There’s a disconnect between the journalists and the audience when they stop writing for the readers and start making seductive click-bait.

Instead of modifying our old site, we wanted a new site to represent the vibe of our new approach to media. We wanted a new name and a new logo so we picked Vv Magazine to symbolize our revolution. We promise to give you stories that inspire you to share online, give us a mouthful in the comments, or convince you to write your own article and pitch it to us – because a revolution to be sincere and invested in ideas and conversation is infectious.

Vv symbolizes many things. Make a peace sign with your fingers that also means victory – turn your palm the other way and you’ve got “f*ck you” in the UK. Point it at someone’s eyes and the then back at your own to show you’re watching them. It’s a worldwide revolution in two fingers that has the same meaning in other languages and is as free as revolutionary symbols because you actively make it. The “V” was also the two simple lines Renaissance artists used to invent perspective in art – just like the perspectives we want our new site to offer.

The View the Vibe videos have not disappeared; they’re all living under the View the Vibe video gallery. We encourage you to browse through our amazing videos of Toronto and Vancouver’s hottest restaurants, spas, and events, as well as interviews with well-known personalities.

Both Vv Magazine and View the Vibe are trademarked names living under the parent company VTV Productions Inc., which produces online videos for businesses in the GTA as well as coverings events, fashion shows, press conferences, and more. For more information on video production, click here.

Vv Magazine is not going unnoticed. We want to be the revolution that’s missing in media, and we hope you’ll join the conversation.