Just because you get fries on the side doesn’t mean you have to keep the carb-filled bun on your otherwise Atkins-friendly meat patty. While buns make a convenient vehicle for condiments, they add a tonne of empty calories to your meal (along with an unhealthy helping of guilt). Luckily, these Toronto restaurants are hip to the bunless burger craze, and their waiters won’t judge or roll their eyes when you ask them to hold the bread. Go ahead, order a Diet Coke while you’re at. #NoShame

Hamburger without bun

Holy Chuck Burgers
Holy Chuck’s dessert burger, “The Butcher, The Baker & The Ice Cream Maker,” isn’t exactly Atkins-friendly (and there’s no meat patty to speak of on the plate) but it is bunless. If you held the bread on whatever you had for dinner, then you definitely deserve to indulge in a wild dessert. That’s the whole point, right? This decadent treat is a sweet tooth’s dream: raw cookie dough wrapped with bacon, deep-fried, and served on top of vanilla ice cream with Belgian chocolate and pure Canadian maple syrup.

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An Italian restaurant might be one of the last places you’d expect to find a carb-free option, but Terrazza on Harbord does just that. The menu gets straight to the point when describing the Lipstick Burger: “A burger without the bun and your choice of Fat Lip toppings.” You’ll feel a sweet sense of victory knowing that on top of saving the calories, you’ll also being saving a dollar off the price.

Toma Burger Addiction
Sure, they make their buns homemade every day at Toma Burger Addiction, but don’t waste calories on bread when you can double up on Toma’s killer homemade sauces instead. Better still, add foie gras for an extra $8.99. The Monster Burger (two Angus beef patties, four slices of cheddar, two slices of double smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and chipotle mayonnaise) almost demands that you do. Servers will happily serve your meat on a bed of arugula or spinach. Did we mention they deliver?


The P&L Burger
This new Queen West hot spot might look like a typical casual burger joint with its single row of bar stools for diners who prefer to eat in rather than take-out, but every burger on the menu can come wrapped in kale in lieu of bread. You’ll feel like a heavy weight (or is it wheat?) of guilt has been lifted off of you next time you order The Philly, which comes with American cheese, sauteed onions and mushrooms, hot peppers and mayo.

Thompson Diner
There’s nothing like a menu that mentions in bold print above the entire burger section that they’ll gladly hold the bread from any of the decadent platters from their kitchen. The Thompson Diner makes all of their signature burgers available wrapped in Iceberg lettuce. Order the All Canadian burger in all its cheddar and peameal bacon goodness and give it the ol’ Los Angeles twist by holding the bun.

The Works
FYI, all the crazy good gourmet burgers at The Works can be ordered bunless as well. Why does that make them special? Because their burgers are just as good without the bun AND it saves you more room for their killer Tower o’ Rings. That’s why.

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