The Best Cheese Shops in Toronto

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Ahhhh, cheese… could there be any other food more deserving of its own National day of appreciation? We think not! National Cheese Day, June 4, marks 24-hours where we all give thanks to the creamy, melt-and-your-mouth good stuff and it might just be our favourite day of the year. Although let’s be honest, we already live every day like it’s National Cheese Day – melted, grated, sprinkled – is there any savoury dish it doesn’t taste good on? Whether you like mild varieties, pungent wedges, or sharp and aged blocks, here’s a list of the best cheese shops in Toronto, so you can get your cheese on this National Cheese Day.

Cheese Boutique
45 Ripley Ave.
The Cheese Boutique’s mission statement is, “gastronomic indulgence for everyone” – something we can definitely get down with! Having supplied Toronto with succulent gourmet selections for over 44 years, they are one of the finest purveyors of cheese. They even have a Cheese Vault where customers can appreciate the aging process of cheese and also bask in the glory of the world’s largest log of Provolone – an 864 lb thing of beauty!

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International Cheese
67 Mulock Ave.
At International Cheese, the process of cheese-making is not just a task, but an art! The family-owned business has been making hand-crafted cheeses since 1963 offering a variety fresh, semi-soft and firm cheeses, along with Italian style specialties. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their signature Santa Lucia Cheese line.

Global Cheese
76 Kensington Ave., 224 Norseman St.
To meet the demand of happy cheesemongers, Global Cheese has two locations in Toronto, one in Kensington and one in Etiboke. If you’re into feta, this spots a dream! They have cows, Bulgarian sheep, and Greek sheep feta to name a few, plus a glorious list of other cheeses from around the world.

Global Cheese (Image: Instagram/@emmmawho)

Pasquale Brothers
16 Goodrich Rd.
The Pasquale Brothers may be one of the oldest cheese shops in town having been in established in 1917. And just like cheese, they only seem to be getting better with age. Their offering has grown to encompass cheeses from Canada, the USA and the Unite Kingdom, along with Danish, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Swiss, and other varieties – the options are endless!

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Olympic Food & Cheese Mart
93 Front St. E
George, the friendly owner of Olympic Food & Cheese Mart, has your best interest in mind. He deals directly with cheese manufacturers in Canada and a plethora in Europe to ensure you’re getting the best prices. Plus if you’re looking to host an unforgettable wine and cheese party, Olympic Food & Cheese Mart is located in the St. Lawrence Market, with an option to rent out The Miele Gallery at The Market Kitchen for private functions – just make sure we’re invited!

Olympic Cheese (Image: Instagram/@olympic_cheese)

Alex Farm Products
1965 Queen St. E
Alex Farm Products is a cute little cheese shop nestled in The Beaches community. But don’t be fooled by the small space! They carry a line of original cheeses from all over the world. They also use Canada Post to ship cheeses across Canada to customers in other provinces, so if you feel like giving the gift of cheese to a faraway friend, we’re sure they can help you out.

The Pantry Fine Cheese
1620 Gerrard St. E
We want The Pantry Fine Cheese to be our own pantry! Imagine opening your cupboards to a little artisanal mecca of small batch cheeses. Uncompromising quality goes into these blocks, as making cheese is owner Jeremy Lago’s passion project come reality. There’s something about food when it’s made with love… it just tastes better.

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The Pantry Fine Cheese (Image: Instagram/@pantrycheese)

La Fromagerie
868 College St.
Does La Fromagerie have some of the best artisanal raw-milk and pasteurized cheeses from Europe and Canada? Oui, oui, indeed. Having a strong focus on France and Quebec, expect varieties like Riopelle, La Sauvagine, Chevre Noir and more. They’ve also got a good selection of blues. The stuff may stink, but a true cheese advocate would tell you that, that’s all part of the experience.

Cheese Magic
182 Baldwin St.
Another Kensington Market gem, Cheese Magic is also a good option for some delicious melt-in-your-mouth cheese. Having around 200 varieties, they’re bound to have something that’s going to take your next dinner party from average to top notch… People’s lives are busy; if you’re going to have a dinner party, it’s your duty to have some fine-ass cheese.

Cheese Magic (Image: Instagram/@food1ee)

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What’s your favourite cheese shop in Toronto? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @ViewTheVibe.