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Not thrilled about the idea of cooking a festive feast this year? We’ve got savvy foodie Jason Finestone on the case to find Toronto’s best holiday caterers…

Love it or resent it, the holiday season is but a month away, and if you’re thinking of having a holiday party and have yet to make some preparations, or reservations, it’s ‘bout time you wrap that one up. With booking dates being marked off by the minute and high-quality caterers keeping their calendars full, it can be difficult to find something to feed your guests. If you’re in the market for a pre-arranged meal, here are a few companies that may be able to curate one for your affair. But don’t delay – time’s-a-wastin’…


Daniel et Daniel
Daniel et Daniel was set up by two French food aficionados by the same name in 1981. Over the past 32 years they’ve developed a reputation as one of the best in the biz, with services that go far beyond just food. Through their event management, division they’re prepared to help you with everything from a venue booking to purchasing some extra goodies for your gathering. In their expert opinion, they suggest getting on the horn soon (with any caterer) if you intend to impress your partygoers.

Toben Food by Design
Decorated with accolades during his educational career at the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Paris, Chef and Founder Toben Kochman got into the catering biz after working in two-star Michelin restaurant Apiscuis in Paris and then becoming Sous Chef at Susur back home. If the length and allure of that sentence doesn’t leave you breathless, just wait until you’ve tried his food. Enough said.

Jamie Kennedy Kitchens
Locavore and long-time Toronto-based master chef, Jamie Kennedy, is always a choice bet for your fancy function. With off-site venue choices that include the Gardiner, Gilead, and the infamous “Farm,” JK’s sure to find the right atmosphere to go along with your holiday hoopla. As far as the edible offerings are concerned, the man’s helped pioneer the farm-to-table movement in Canada for decades, he’s a seasonal superstar, and an official Member of the Order of Canada – safe to say, he’s capable of commandeering your festive feast.

With everything from fully catered meals to on-site personal chefs, Pusateri’s has got you and your grub-hungry guests covered. In business for over 25 years, the upscale grocer and caterer will outfit your table with the works. From seasonally-inspired menus to your most out-of-the-box ideas, they’ll work with you to make your holiday party a success.


The Food Dudes
The difference between The Food Dudes and many other catering companies is that they take the party all the way to the platter. Their plating is about as exciting as the first time you saw your subdued secretary Joan after a few glasses of rosé – not to be outshone! With an operational trio of a Michelin-starred chef, a strategic expert and a former sous chef for the Rolling Stones, their all-star crew will likely rub off on your compadrès’ perception of you.

Rose Reisman Catering
Rose Reisman is practically a household name in Toronto, so it’s no wonder they are a popular go-to holiday caterers. You can order a la carte, or the all-inclusive dinner. If you like the food at the Pickle Barrel, either option will hit home for you — though vegetarians will be cobbling their meal out of sides.

The Midnight Snack Co.
Perhaps Toronto’s coolest catering company, The Midnight Snack Co. is perfect for those looking to order a handful of snacks, appetizers, and hors d’oeuvres for their holiday party. If you’re into keeping things deliciously light and festive, these guys are your best bet. Chef Mary Wood is the brains behind the delicious snacks at this company — she’s worked as the Pastry Chef at Jamie Kennedy Kitchens, so you know you’ll be graced with divine creations from these holiday caterers.

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