Branca Now Serving Sunday Brunch!

Branca has received plenty of praise and a packed up reservation sheet since opening just over a month ago. And they’re now serving brunch. Industry folks will appreciate the relaxed hours and table-side vodka service – four ounces, plus fresh fruit nectar for a make-your-own drink experience. Bring your hangover into the Dundas West casa (the restaurant is literally a converted house) from 10:30am to 8:30pm on Sundays and satiate your soul with a mix of exceptional edibles and enticing alcohols. If a towering French press coffee is more suited to your Sunday morning ritual, they’ve got that too.


Owner James Bateman and Chef Kanida Chey have combined vision and execution, opening the first el asador style restaurant in North America (according to Bateman’s research). Emulating Argentinian gauchos (cowboys), el asador cooking sees splayed animals cooked over open fire for long hours. Simply rubbed with salt and slow roasted for softly textured and subtly smoky meats, this storied cooking method makes its appearance on only one brunch item.


Sensational roast suckling pig comes served atop potato rosti with garlic beans, poached eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, and hollandaise sauce. Don’t call it a bennie. Call it your order and scrape the skillet clean alongside a spicy tamarind salted rim Caesar.


Sides of house smoked salmon leave the casa del fuego earlier in the morning after several hours of hot, applewood smoking. It’s paired with crème fraiche, pearl onions, fresh dill, and cute little crumpets.

Sweeter options include a crispy fried brioche with dulce de leche, sweet confit orange slices, and airy Chantilly cream. They also have a nut museli with Tahitian vanilla yogurt, tropical fruit, and thyme honey.

In need of a few extra bites? Grab a trio of empanadas, or their signature potato strings. Their baby kale salad is a perfect option for those in need of some greenery, and the sweetbreads are available for the more adventurous.


For now, brunch spots may be simple enough to come by, but our guess is that the 32-seat dining room will be filling up early in the day once word spreads.

Will you be heading over to Branca for Sunday brunch? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @ViewTheVibe.

Jason Finestone

Jason Finestone

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