9 Cannabis Recipes to Try this Summer

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With summer just around the bend, we’re prepping our palates for a playland of pot. Yes, cannabis edibles are always more fun in the sun (use caution; we’re not promoting doing this; blah, blah). Maybe it has something to do with the perception of the “lazy, hazy, crazy days” of summer that makes Mary Jane our favourite fair-weather friend, but whatever the reason summer + marijuana + seasonal dishes = fucked up foodie time. Here are our choice chomps for this summer’s garden variety shindigs.

Almost all cannabis cuisine starts with a base of homemade cannabutter. This is the prime ingredient you’ll need for the rest of your high flying food, so master this recipe and learn how to give the right TLC to your THC.

Image: Instagram/@smackdoodles

Ganja Guacamole
Dangerous. The one word to describe this marijuana-rushed Mexican melee. Guacamole is always apropos in our opinion, but ever more so when there are scant levels of THC in every deliciously green bite.

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Canna-Avocado Hummus
Hummus is healthful. Cannabis has holistic healing properties. This dip is essentially a nouveau superfood. (Disclaimer: Not in the slightest.) As with all marijuana edibles, moderation is key. So moderate your excitement for this canna-avocado hummus as you devour every last bite.

Image: Instagram/@get_fit_and_slim

Cannabis Infused Tacos
The best part about this recipe? You can alter it to whatever your taco tastes dictate. Fish tacos? Make it happen. Carne asada? Git’er done. No matter your preferred filling, tacos are always better with a side of hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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Cannabis Hot Wings
The heat essentially makes any wafting flavour of cannabis dissipate so be sure to watch your levels of cannabutter in the recipe. We love hot wings with blue cheese dressing any night of the week, but perhaps this recipe should be reserved for a Friday evening – lest ye want to head to work with a ring of fire and a cloudy sense of consciousness.

Image: Instagram/@belushis

Medicated Mac & Cheese
The term “medicated” is in the title, so we consider this mac & cheese totally healthy and think it’s basically a diet food. If ever you were looking for a way to improve the preferred comfort food of our generation, spiking it with some imported BC bud is totally the way to do it.

Image: Instagram/@dishmagnz

Cannabis Cornbread
The ideal accoutrement to any BBQ rib night, cornbread gets the cannabis treatment thanks to this rowdy recipe. Want to up the ante? Grill some fresh, in-season corn on the cob and strip off the charred kernels to add to your Southern side dish while baking.

Image: Instagram/@houseofnasheats

Poached Salmon with Beurre Blanc and Zucchini and Leek Spaghetti
If you’re a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, this hoity-toity recipe for cannabis-infused poached salmon will really tickle your fancy. We like to think the Real Housewives of Colorado (note: not a thing) have been making this one for years.

Image: Instagram/@thelaughingheartnation

Cannabis Coconut Mojito
Fuck getting wasted again in Margaritaville. The preferred destination among discerning derelicts is Marijuanaville, and the ticket to this Narnia-esque wonderland is the fusion of rum and reefer.

Image: Instagram/@harusushinyc

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