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Steam Whistle Brewery

How Steam Whistle Brewery Can Win You Over

I’ve been writing a lot about beer lately and I blame it on this awesome weather (summertime in Toronto is heavenly). It’s interesting because beer was probably my first introduction to alcoholic beverages and yet I know so little. Fortunately,…

Mira Restaurant

Get A Taste of Peru at Mira Restaurant

Every year Toronto sees a new cuisine trend take over the city. Tapas, tacos, sushi burritos, poke, you name it, and we’ve seen it. This year it seems as though Peruvian fare is taking the spotlight. We had the distinct…

Tastemaker 2018

Tastemaker Toronto: May 18-19th 2018 @ Evergreen Brickworks

Foodies of Toronto rejoice! We’ve got ourselves a new food festival which promises guests a diverse variety of food and drink under one roof. Tastemaker Toronto, a curated and immersive food festival taking place from May 18th to 19th, 2018 in the…

Wayne Gretzky's

Wayne Gretzky’s Celebrates 25 Years in Toronto

You probably know Wayne Gretzky as one of the all-time best hockey players to hit the ice, which he is. With more goals and assists than any other player, he currently holds the title of the leading scorer in NHL…

Zebu Steak Bar

Zebu Steak + Bar Pre-Opening Preview

If you’re live near Richmond and John, you may have noticed that the Milestone’s has disappeared from the corner.  Last fall, the restaurant closed its doors after 18 years in business and we got a sneak peek of what is…