Cool New Apps | 05.25.13

Whether you’re looking for a funny personal assistant, to read the latest news, or yearn to manage your own restaurant, the app stores for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android will have something in store to satisfy your technological needs. Let’s take a look at the hottest apps this week…

The New York Times | Free | BlackBerry


The New York Times app has been available on the BlackBerry 10 since its launch and is downloadable for free. For the month of June, however, the developers added a bonus. Until the 26th of June all members will be able to access all the content on the application, instead of just the ‘free’ articles and content.

When you download the application for your BlackBerry you will be able to browse all the articles, watch videos and view slides. The New York Times app is very user-friendly and makes it easy to share the content with your social networks and contacts. The app is designed in such a way that navigation through the app’s content is easy to manage and you can even save your favourites to your library.

Diner Dash | Free or $1.01 (Deluxe) | Android


At last it’s Android’s turn to enjoy the world’s #1 hit time management game! Diner Dash has been available on PC and iOS devices for quite a while and now has an Android version thanks to the publisher PlayFirst.

This game allows you to serve, seat and grow your diner while simultaneously collecting tips and clearing tables. The app also features in-app purchases to help you upgrade and unlock challenges. Lose track of your time while managing surreal time in this virtual diner while serving quirky guests and earning achievements. This application is free for android and promises hours of next level fun.

Ask Keith Lemon | $0.99 |  iOS


Even though it might sound rather silly, the Ask Keith Lemon app is one of the best selling applications on the UK App store and if you are looking for a personal assistant combined with a bit of humor, this is for you.

At the moment, the app is available at half price and with this official app you can Ask Keith to help with your diary, schedule meetings, predict the weather, give advice, do math and even ask general knowledge questions. Communicate with the application via the keyboard or speech recognition and interact with other Ask Keith Lemon users within the community.

If you are looking for a ‘ruder’ version of the application, the Rudererer Mode is available to purchase to receive more ‘adult’ content.