These are the Coolest Tech Hotels in the World

tech hotels

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Make your techie dreams come true! Our friends at share their picks for the coolest tech hotels across the globe. 

Have you ever been served by a robot? In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, you never know what’s around the corner unless you’re clairvoyant, a time traveller, or a high-tech hotel.

Fit for a futuristic world, these hotels are a techie’s dream. But even ‘tech dummies’ will be enthralled by what these forward-thinking accommodations have in store.

Our friends at, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, offering 996,308 active properties across 224 countries and territories, has rounded up some of the world’s most innovative places out there.

No longer will you be woken up by room service, heat detecting sensors will alert them to back off.  And at the touch of a button you can change the color and climate of your room and even get room service from a.. yes, it’s real…Botlr (robot butler)!

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tech hotels

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