I Tried Dating on Happn and it Actually Wasn’t Horrible


Image: Happn

Nowadays, finding love seems near impossible and we beg to question whether men people still know how to be in a relationship. Lucky for you there’s a new dating app on the market to help make things a little easier. Vv magazine’s Aly Zorn tries dating on Happn and it actually isn’t horrible…

Remember when all you had to do was receive a note and tick a tiny box (yes, no, or maybe) and that was that? You were officially in love and might even get married when you’re old enough. Well now it’s 2017 and dating might be dead. Case in point: WTF is “phubbing” or “breadcrumbing”? Doesn’t everyone like bread?

Dating isn’t necessarily my strong suit (don’t know if you can tell) and I’ve been around the block of commitment-phobic, confusing AF men more than once before. Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble – I’ve tried all the big dating apps. My patience was wearing thin but before I made my exit from the cyber-dating world, I’d thought I’d give it one more go and try Happn.


What’s really interesting about Happn is that it’s an app that starts IRL and encourages meeting up. Rather than matching you with potential mates in a bigger radius, Happn matches you with people you pass on the streets. It’s already pegged you on some common interests like living in or frequenting the same neighbourhood(s) – oh you’re obsessed with What A Bagel too? Cool.

Once you cross paths with someone, their profile will populate your feed. Tap them and the general point of interest you passed each other at can be seen on a map. Similar to Tinder, you have to mutually “like” or “charm” each other to have an option to chat, but unlike Tinder, you can’t fall into a deep dark hole of swiping. If you don’t go out, you don’t get any new matches to choose from (this is probably a good thing).

Guys were normal for the most part… a couple persistent weirdos are unavoidable, right? Pro dating tip: don’t send me multiple messages when I haven’t responded *cough, cough – thirsty* and I saw your charm plus the next six you sent me after. STOP.


Despite my complaints, the number of normal guys outweighed the weirdos and going on dates quickly became a thing. Unfortunately, I was not lucky enough to glimpse any of my potential suitors as I passed them by, so you could say that photos vs. what they looked like in real life had some, errrr, discrepancies.

DATE #1:
This was a casual, cute coffee date. Guy #1 was very nice and the conversation was interesting but there was really no spark so to speak. It was more like talking to a long, lost friend… Picturing him naked was kind of weird.

DATE #2:
Our connection over text seemed promising but this turned out to be one of those “reality vs. what you think will happen” situations. Not what I was expecting! Definitely friend zone again but hey, at least he was on the same page. We agreed there was a lack of chemistry but decided to go bar hopping anyways and then amicably went our separate ways.

DATE #3:
I guess all dating apps have bad fish and this one stank. Hey date #3, thanks for asking me if I want food (he didn’t), grabbing the bill after only one beer (umm, I’m still thirsty), not paying for my measly $10 portion of the bill (going Dutch is okay in most cases, but you’re just kind of rude) and then refusing to tip. The cherry on top was when he asked me if I wanted to come back to his place after. NO. Just no.  

So what’s the big takeaway after using Happn for a couple months? While it ultimately comes down to chemistry and a bad date or two are inevitable, the overall mood was more relaxed and less, “I want to bone you.” Happn seemed like it was more about meeting people and reminds me of the Missed Connections page on Craigslist. They saw you or you saw them but a moment never presented itself… until it happnd that is.

Will I use it again? Currently, I’m in no rush to have that moment but I continue to check my Happn feed from time to time – despite bad relationships, I still think my “missed connection” will be found.

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