Only totally boring people need Halloween as an excuse to be someone else for the night. Just like last year, I’m kicking off Halloween a little early with a DIY Halloween Costume Series: 2014 Edition to help you decide what to be this year while I test out looks prematurely around town.

DIY Halloween Costume Maleficent
My Maleficent DIY Halloween costume: total cost… $0.00! Génial!

We obviously have Angelina Jolie to thank for making a Disney character one of the hottest Halloween costumes for the “mature” crowd for Halloween 2014. Only Santa Angelina could transform “the Mistress of All Evil,” aka Malificent, into one of the most likable, sympathetic, and of course, dead-sexy fictional characters of all time.

Sure, you could run out and buy a pre-made Maleficent costume… if you want to be the eighth girl (or boy, of course) at the Halloween party wearing the same $50.00 plastic ensemble from your local party store (or sex shop). After all, as we mentioned last week, Maleficent comes in at No. 3 on Google’s list of the top 10 most popular Halloween costumes of 2014. That means there’s bound to be a ton of peeps to lock evil-queen horns with at whatever festive event you’re going to — no matter  where in the world you happen to be. Flex your creative muscle, save money, and show off as much cleavage as you like instead, by opting for a look made from your own imagination and just some random stuff around the house… and a little help from me, of course….

DIY Maleficent Halloween costume 2014 – How-To:

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What you need: a headband, a black garbage bag, tinfoil, Scotch tape, black metal hair clips, silly putty, fake eyelash glue, foundation, black eye liner, brown eyeshadow, and red lipstick.

DIY Maleficent horns: To make Maleficent-worthy horns, I used tinfoil to elongate the ends of a wide headband. I cut long strips from a black garbage bag to then cover the horns to give the headpiece a pleather-esque finish. I wrapped the rest of the garbage bag around my head like a turban, strapping the horns underneath it in the process before securing them in place with black metal hair clips. I then used a waterproof liquid eyeliner (I like Stila the best) to draw in my faux widow’s peak to finish the headpiece. So easy!

DIY Maleficent cheekbones: I found an old foundation that I never wear because it’s too heavy for me for my everyday beauty regime (read: avoiding pimples and not looking a million years old) and poured tons of it on the silly putty (formed in the shape of Maleficent’s cheekbones) before securing the putty to my face with the glue that comes with fake eyelashes. Done!

Maleficent makeup: I used the same heavy foundation I used to paint the silly putty on my face as well before securing the faux cheekbones on top of my own. Once they were attached, I used brown eyeshadow underneath them to create the illusion of a heavier shadow cast by my supernatural bone structure and used the same colour on my eyes (along with the eyeliner I used for my widow’s peak for added dramatic effect). I topped off the look with Maleficent’s signature dark red lipstick and a low-cut black ensemble because, truthfully, I don’t want to be Maleficent for Halloween; I just want to be Angelina Jolie…

What else do you want to be for Halloween 2014? Tweet us your costume ideas at @ViewTheVibe and we’ll attempt to find DIY solutions!