Yes, it’s a Job: I Organize Erotic Male Dance Shows in Toronto

male dance shows in toronto

A job with view (Image: Joel Gale)

Think you have a cool job? Think again. Yes, it’s my Job explores all the different occupations – from the unbelievable to the unique – that you’ve dreamt of but never knew existed. Scroll to the bottom of this post to win tickets to see a HiM Promotions show. 

For many women, being surrounded by shirtless, buff men at all time seems like a dream job, but does a job like that actually exist? Just ask Nadia Elkharadly, partner of HiM Promotions, and she’ll tell you that it does! She’ll also tell you that running a male dance show at Uniun Nightclub (think Magic Mike), isn’t a constant booze-filled party with shiny pectoral muscles and washboard abs – it’s actually a TON of work.

The idea came from her business partner, Chris (also the salt and pepper gentleman in the shows). It was about creating something for “her,” something that men have had the opportunity to indulge in for years and then crafting that same kind of entertainment for women in a safe environment.

Nadia was invited to come on board through mutual business connections and since then has become an integral part of the HiM Promotions show – one part marketing consultant, one part show manager and host.


Image: Joel Gale

erotic male dance shows in toronto him promotions

Nadia’s business partner, Chris, gets his shirt ripped off by an audience member (Image: Joel Gale)

The idea is to create the ultimate girls night out and even with hot, almost-naked men it’s harder than it looks. Leading up to shows, there are screenings and rehearsals. Nadia tells me that one of the biggest challenges is providing the eye candy itself. “Holding on to a hot, 20-something-year-old men is like holding on to air,” and that she’s even resorted Tinder, Instagram and scouting at bars to find dancers.

The performance itself is a shiny ode to Channing Tatum (obviously) and another part of Nadia’s job is to make sure that, that is embodied in every show. From arranging dance lessons and choreography to coordinating all the show logistics and MC-ing the actual live event to even being the one the men practice lap dances on.

But come showtime, all the preparation and hard work pays off. I can tell you from experience that HiM Promotions is something else (in a good way) – I was thrilled by the show! The men are hunky and the dance numbers are playful with just the right amount of sexiness and nudity. Things got HOT, clothes came off and consenting girls were even pulled from the audience.

Image: Joel Gale

Image: Joel Gale

Image: Joel Gale

Image: Joel Gale

Nadia tells me that what’s most memorable about the shows and what really drives her is just that: the women’s reaction to the men. “When a crowd of 400 smiling women is cheering the show on, it really takes your breath away…”  The idea of being a part of an experience that really empowers both women and men to celebrate their sexuality and embrace it.

Looking to the future, Nadia hopes that HiM Promotions will become a global phenomenon with shows in Vegas, as well as continuing to work with organizations like Rethink Breast Cancer (something they’ve done in the past). Ultimately, she also hopes that HiM Promotions will keep on exciting women everywhere!

erotic male dance shows in toronto

Image: Joel Gale

Image: Joel Gale

Image: Joel Gale

Interested in seeing what all the hype is about? Lucky for you, we’re giving away tickets to the HiM Promotions show on November 26th at Uniun Nightclub. Whether you’re looking to feel sexy, or need an excuse to get all your close friends together, the show is the epitome of a girls night out!

The HiM Promotions event includes a chance to walk the red carpet, meet and take pictures with the guys, get dolled up in the beauty bar, have drinks in the lounge and then scream your heart out at some hunky, nearly naked men.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Five (5) winners will receive two (2) tickets to the HiM Promotions show on November 26th. Tickets include 1 complimentary drink ticket and gift. (RV: $40)
  • Entrants must live in the GTA or be willing to travel
  • Travel is not included
  • Entrants must be 19+ to enter
  • Contest closes Friday, November 25, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST
  • Winners will be contacted via email
  • Winner will have until Friday, November 25, 2016 at 5:00pm to claim the prize. If the winner does not respond, they forfeit the prize & a new winner will be picked

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