You can’t really call me a green-o-phile, or really eco-conscious for that matter. (I let the tap run the whole two minutes I brush my teeth.) So when Nicki asked me to head to the Green Living Show with her, I was a little…well…underwhelmed at the prospect. Then the three F-words came from her mouth – “Farm Fresh Fare” – and something about food, restaurant stations, chefs and I was all in.

When we got into the Show we bee-lined for the aforementioned F-trifecta, and found about 15 food stations waiting for rabid noshers. (#FoundOurHome!) We grabbed bites from spots like The County General, Niagara Food Specialties, Le Select Bistro, The Gabardine, Hooked, Ascari Enoteca, Montforte Diary, and LPK’s Culinary Groove. From a tasty dog with choucroute to a fresh and vibrant pea shoot salad and some springy little sweet potato bites, our appetites were satisfied and I left pretending I was green-washed. Hey, I took the TTC there, walked home, and used compostable plates. That’s pretty environmentally-friendly if you ask me.

Check out the video below to see what the chefs cooked up. (I might have to go back next year…)

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Farm Fresh Fare at the Green Living Show from View the Vibe on Vimeo.