Female Celebrities Over 40 and Fabulous — No Knife Necessary!

Did you find Madonna’s display on the Oscars red carpet as cringe-worthy as we did? These female celebrities are aging with style and grace… and minimal Botox.

It seems like there are new headlines every day informing us which of our favourite actresses have botched their plastic surgery, are getting into epic legal battles with their ex husbands, have picked up a nasty little drug habit, or have majorly overdone it with Botox (ahem, Nicole Kidman…).

While the main men of Hollywood are often compared to fine wine (i.e. only getting better with age), it seems like our leading ladies have to fight to maintain a sense of beauty and importance within the industry. While the pressure is wildly unfair, we have to admit that we are guilty of gossiping over Demi Moore’s breakdown after her divorce and Renee Zellweger’s unrecognizable new look.

The pressures of Hollywood and the scrutiny of the media are not always an easy burden to carry, so we wanted to pay homage to those independent women who are making success in the industry look easy. Here is our tribute to the top ten women of Hollywood who are aging with grace and style in front of the cameras.

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Female Celebritie Aging With Grace

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Lauren Coholan

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