Foodora Users will Get More Than Food Delivery on Valentine’s Day

Foodora valentine's day

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foodora has teamed up with the experts in sex to add a little heat to their delivery orders. Find out what the food delivery has up their sleeve for users across Canada. 

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with romantic love. A day where some pull out all the stops to impress a significant other and shower them with affection. But when it comes to the most lovey-dovey day of the year, sometimes the best gift is each other’s company. A night free of distractions curled up at home with your boo, a bottle of bubbly, Netflix, and of course, some good food.

Sound like your idea of romance? Then keep reading.

This year for Valentine’s Day, food summoning app foodora has (almost) all your stops covered – including your condom stop at the drugstore.

Yup. You read that right. foodora has teamed up with Durex to deliver condoms alongside special aphrodisiac-amped Valentine’s Day menus from select restaurants. That means your Sexy Smoothie Bowl from Calii Love, Things are heating up Spicy Chicken with Cashews from Salad King, and Daring Dragon from Saku Sushi will come with a side of Durex Sensi-Thin condoms and Durex Passion Cherry Play Lube, at no extra cost.

Two birds, one stone, right?

It’s a pretty interesting idea and marketing play for Durex. While foodora gets to up their sex appeal, Durex gets access to foodora’s customers with a side of culinary cool from some of Toronto’s favourite eateries. The initiative also intertwines with their racy Valentine’s Day campaign, Shatter the Clichés this Valentine’s, where they encourage users to ditch the chocolates and get a little more intimate using unique manoeuvres.

Is it kind of tacky? Sure. But on days like Valentine’s Day when things get heated pretty fast, it’s easy to forget about protection and the very unsexy side of the most romantic day of the year… STIs and unexpected pregnancies. Better safe than sorry #amIright?

So ditch the clichés, chocolates, roses, and fancy restaurants, and order in with foodora and Durex instead.

Actually, scratch that. We still want the chocolates.

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