Friday’s Foodie: 10 Questions with Erin Scheel

Although she has been called obsessed by everyone close to her, Erin Scheel isn’t embarassed to embrace it. She holds that title in high regard because she is a self-proclaimed food lover. Always looking for a new recipe to shake up, her mind drifts from one food ingredient to another, imagining all the wonderful flavours mingling. She may be daydreaming about food half the time but she takes her blog, Erin Loves Food very seriously.

Living in Toronto for a good portion of her life, Erin fell head over heels for this city’s food culture and culinary events. Her main squeeze has always been food… she gets excited like a young teenager in love when it’s time to talk recipes, restaurants and cooking shows. If you decide to flip the channel to the Food Network, prepare to give-up possession of the remote because she won’t let you change it.

This fun-loving girl is a great addition to Toronto’s foodie community, make sure you follow her on twitter @ErinLovessFood. Let’s read on…

When and why did you start writing about food?
I started writing Erin Loves Food about two years ago and did it because I am basically obsessed with anything food related. I felt like instead of talking the ears off my friends and family about what I was making for dinner and where I was eating, I should just write it all down.

What do you love most about food?
Being social and making it an event – having drinks, talking and sharing it with friends and family.

What do you do when you aren’t writing about or eating food?
I’m cooking it or reading about it in cook books!

Do you cook? If so, what’s your specialty? If not, why? 
Yes… I love to cook. I usually don’t make the same dish twice. I like experimenting and trying new things.

What’s your favourite type of food(s) and where do you go to get it? 
Anything from my parents’ kitchen… and I gotta go home for that. Or sometimes I’m lucky and they will bring it to me!

What’s your favourite hidden gem? 
I don’t know if it’s a hidden gem, but Foxley on Ossington is one of my faves – food is amazing and always consistent!

What’s your go-to restaurant? 
Spicy Beef Pho from Golden Turtle.

What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had? 
Any family Christmas, there are usually about 50 of us having drinks and eating amazing homemade food. Also, I was invited to the Top Chef Canada dinner last summer at Great Cooks on Eight where five chefs from the first season prepared five different dishes for us all. Each dish was paired with Fielding Estates Wine and the view of the setting sun over the city was amazing.

What’s one restaurant you have to try before you die?
Lady and Sons, Paula Deen’s Restaurant.

What’s your biggest restaurant pet peeve? (Play nice.) 
Bad Service. I appreciate a smiling face and when someone is knowledgeable about the food and drink I’m enjoying, and they have answers to any questions of mine. Oh, and I hate gross or dirty washrooms!


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