Gallery Catalyst Opening on Queen West


Photo from the Mixed Memory collection, Tanja Tiziana

A new breed of art gallery is opening up deep within the heart of the gallery district on Queen West. Gallery Catalyst is set to open on Saturday, May 4th at 666 Queen Street West, with a devilishly good lineup of local artists from within the community, including Johnathan Ball, Cody Smith, Adrienne Dagg, and Tanja Tiziana. Brian Liss, the founder of Liss Gallery in Yorkville (formerly known as Affairs of the Art) has decided to expand into a different realm of the Toronto art scene. That said, Liss is committed to staying true to form and primarily concentrating on Toronto artists.

A true hub for young and underground artists, each piece that you’ll find at Gallery Catalyst will be one of a kind, including the custom framing available onsite. The idea is rooted by the concept that there is one true format for each piece. What’s most unique about the structure of Gallery Catalyst is that there will be a fixed price for each art piece depending on its size. Three different sizes of art for three different prices allow for equal representation for each of the artists, while making original contemporary art affordable and accessible for consumers.

Gallery Catalyst is also available as an event space for artists and corporate events, with their opening reception being held on June 1st.

Jason Finestone

Jason Finestone

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