Gossip and Gab at Evoke Salon


Living in Toronto can be exhausting… there’s always an event to attend, a party you can’t miss or a work event that you’re ‘encouraged’ to attend. Life moves quickly in the city and it can be easy to forget to take a moment for yourself.

One of the simplest pleasures you can indulge in without breaking the bank or taking an entire day off is the hair salon. But in a big city, finding the right stylist and the right salon can be a task in and of itself. Enter Evoke Salon, with two easy-to-access locations in Bloor West Village and at Yonge and Eglinton. Evoke is simple enough to get to, but that isn’t what will keep you coming back.

Going to Evoke is an experience, from the initial face shape analysis, which helps a stylist determine your cut based on your bone structure, personality and lifestyle, to the organic juices and delectable cappuccinos offered to every customer. No detail is left out, even the design of the salon itself is reflective of the aesthetic of the stylists employed there. The white walls and brushed silver features are effortlessly trendy and clean without ever appearing like they are trying too hard.

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At prices that meet your needs, a cut and style at Evoke starts at $50 for women and $30 for men – which is competitive in a city where a mall haircut can often cost twice that much.

Pricing, incredible features and style aside, the best thing about Evoke is how they treat their customers. More often than not, one of the owners will come out to take your picture post cut and tell you how beautiful you look. Last week while sitting in Ergy’s chair, at least two other stylists came over to comment on his cutting technique and offer me popcorn – because at this salon there is not a diva in sight.

Maybe it’s the curse of watching too many Sex And The City episodes and romcoms, but every girl wants a hairdresser that they can gossip and gab with; no matter whose chair you sit in at Evoke Salon, you’ll find that fantasy made reality.

Shannon Hunter

Shannon is a twenty-something social media manager and freelance writer living and loving in Toronto. She's written about everything from relationships and dating to events and travel. Happiest when she's writing and within reach of a glass of red; Shan dreams of spending her days writing novels on a beach in Mexico.