The Grown A** Woman’s Guide to Making Friends

guide to making friends

Squad Goals (Image: Instagram/@TaylorSwift)

Making new friends isn’t always easy but it is, in fact, possible. Let our Grown A** Woman’s Guide help you achieve your ultimate #squadgoals. 

Friends. They come and they go. Heck, it seems that with age (or maybe it’s just me), they go more than they come. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing – pals dwindle. They go in different directions and sometimes certain relationships just aren’t sustainable (… but that’s a totally different blog post). Regardless, having a core squad is a basic necessity – in fact, it’s a God d*mn right.

Now, adulthood is a lot different from childhood in the way that we can’t just go up to someone (especially in the city) and say ‘hello’ without creeping them out. And who’s to blame? Since we were in diapers, our parents warned us not to talk to strangers. But, after we’ve graduated from school, we’re not really put into situations where we meet new people all the time, and if you’ve already tapped into all your work friends, you may be wondering where to start looking next. Luckily, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Here are 6 ways to make friends as a grown a** adult:

Use an App
Believe it or not, dating apps aren’t just used for dating. In fact, apps like Bumble BFF and Happn were specifically made for making friends! Happn actually uses your location and works in real time, finding potential squad members within an 800-feet radius. Their new feature, See You There, allows other users to see if you’re available to hang out within a four-hour period. You can select different activities like going on a walk, getting a drink or even a bite to eat. Think it sounds creepy? Think again. People join apps like Happn and Bumble BFF because they want to meet new people, just like you! So get to tapping and tap, tap on that app.

Join a Facebook Group
When I moved to a new neighbourhood, I was curious about the area happenings. Naturally, I searched online and found, to my shock, a neighbourhood association group. Yes, these things exist! And no, they’re not always lame. My online neighbourhood forum became a source for everything, from ‘hood drama to community events like wine nights, board game meetups at local bars, clothing swaps, and (free) monthly yoga classes. While not all neighbourhoods are the same, there are plenty of other interesting Facebook groups you can join to meet like-minded folks, you just gotta look!

Join a Club or Class
Like Facebook groups but IRL, clubs are also a great way to meet people who are into the same things as you. Whether it’s a run club, book club, cooking class or sports league, these groups have one purpose: to bring like-minded individuals who want to get out and do things together. And because of the common denominator, the conversations will flow extra easy. So think about what you like to do and join a club or class (join lots of clubs or classes!), you’re bound to find at least one person you get along with.

Talk to Strangers
Go against everything your parents told you and approach someone that you think looks cool. Maybe it’s your barista or the shop owner down the street. Start with a compliment, question or joke and let the conversation go from there. You may not get the response you want every time but trust me, this works. My dear ol’ mom, edging on 52, is always on the hunt for new squad members and met her current bestie at a coffee shop they both frequented (super cute, I know).

Tap into your Friend’s Friend Group
Maybe your boyfriend has a friend with an awesome girlfriend you haven’t met yet or maybe your friend has some others she hasn’t introduced you to. As much fun as it is staying home and binging on Netflix, take a night off and have someone else arrange a group dinner or go out to a party – mix things up a bit! You’re bound to have fun, even if you don’t make any instant connections.

Put Yourself Out There
When all is said and done, making new friends is really about putting yourself out there – which is scary, I know. But let down your barriers and don’t be afraid to reach out. You know that person you always bump into that says you should get coffee sometime? Get coffee with them! Go on a friend date! Be that person that follows through on plans or asks to make plans and don’t get discouraged if you don’t click. Making friends is a lot like dating: you may not find your new BFF on the first try but you’ve gotta go through the worst to find the best.

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Amanda Phuong

Amanda Phuong

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