Hair-O-Scope: What Your Celebrity Hair Icon Says About You

Sure, you could read your horoscope to find out what the New Year has in store for you, but you don’t need to hear regurgitated garbage about Tauruses being stubborn and Virgos bottling up emotions. You’ll find out way more about yourself simply by taking a look at Vv Magazine’s “Hair-o-scope” to find out what your 2015 celebrity hair icon says about you…

Look down any red carpet in Hollywood, and you’re likely to see just about as many heads of “Old Hollywood” loose waves as you will diamonds on loan from Harry Winston. Once upon a time, civilians envied the luscious locks of the rich and famous, ignorant to the lengths they would go to in order to dazzle for the cameras with their shiny main. These days, every hair salon is capable of giving clients believable hair extensions, and Sephora carries every curler, straightener, and top-of-the-line blowdryer that famous folk flaunt on Instagram. Long, flowing soft curls aren’t so exclusive anymore, which is why we take our hats off to the trendsetters who’ve become 2015 Celebrity Hair icons around the Vv Magazine office for their distinct ‘dos. Whether they embrace bold colours or badass cuts, the following celebs take risks when it comes to their looks, which is why they’re making waves setting the hottest hair trends of 2015. Who are these beauty trailblazers, and what does your 2015 celebrity hair icon says about you? Click on the gallery to see which style risk-takers and rule-breakers are already setting the hair trends of 2015…

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2015 Celebrity Hair

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