Here’s Where you can get Free Avocado Toast in Toronto this Week

free avocado toast

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Earlier this year, millionaire real estate mogul Tim Gurner called out millennials; blaming their home buying woes on an addiction to avocado toast and craft coffee.

But with buttery smooth avocado, sometimes topped with delectables like eggs and smoked salmon, can you really blame us for wanting to spend our hard earned dollars on something that tastes oh so good, even if it lasts just a few minutes?

Our addiction to avocado is very real. In fact, according to Square, Americans are spending nearly $900,000 on the open-faced source of antioxidants. While there aren’t any stats on Canadian avocado toast lovers (yet), we’re going to pretend we’re better with our cash, especially since we can get the smashed up stuff for free… At least for one day this week.

On Thursday, July 27, cash reward app Drop will handing out free avocado toast at King St. West and Brant St. in Toronto from 11:30am to 5:30pm. They’ll be giving away free slices of heaven, so that we millennials can save at least one day’s worth of avocado toast allowance on that elusive dream home.

Get full details about Drop’s free avocado toast here.

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Amanda Phuong

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