What do all the products in the video below have in common? They’re all fakes! With online shopping at its height between Black Friday and Boxing Day, it’s getting easier to buy items online without thinking twice about giving your credit card information and expecting quality items delivered to your door in return. So how do you know if you’ve accidentally purchased fake goods this holiday season? View the Vibe headed to the 18th Annual Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting Conference in Toronto to find out all about the ways Canadians are being scammed into buying counterfeit items, especially during the present-buying season. Even the counterfeit world has “hot” items of the moment, from fake versions of the trendiest toys to almost identically packaged beauty products that are anything but the real deal. We caught up with Lorne Lipkus (Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP) at the Anti-Counterfeiting Conference to get his tips on how to shop with care over the holidays, because sometimes a deal that’s too good to be true is exactly that.

Anti counterfeit from View the Vibe on Vimeo.