Kalendar: Perfect For Any Date

Have you been to Kalendar on College Street yet? If you’ve answered “No,” then you’re a lost cause. Kidding! But we’ve got some words of wisdom for ya: Go. There. Now.

This Little Italy mainstay has been serving up an eclectic mix of favourite worldly foods for almost two decades now. Time stops when you go to Kalendar as you’ll likely end up spending hours sitting around good company, good food, and, naturally, good vibes.

Kalendar’s front patio is the perfect spot for people-watching in the warmer months, while inside the cozy restaurant you’ll have a memorable experience no matter the time of year. The staff is friendly, the food diverse and palatable, and the drinks refreshing as all hell.

We could go on and on about how much we love this li’l spot, but our videos are so much more interesting than our words, so you should probably just watch the Kalendar experience below…

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