We Went to a KFC Cooking Class and it was Nothing Like We Expected

Are you ready for some finger lickin’ good chicken?

KFC recently announced they would be hosting cooking classes in three major cities in Canada; Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. With sign-ups now open, tons of Canadians will get to go behind the scenes at the long-standing fast food joint and see just how much preparation goes into making Colonel Sanders’ recipe a reality.

Of course, with all the hype, we were also super curious to see what really goes down in the kitchens of KFC. So, for those of you who can’t make the class, we’re going to walk you through exactly went down.

First things first, the hand wash station. Of course, clean hands = a happy stomach, especially when raw chicken is involved.

Next up, Mohan, a KFC chef that has been with the company for 25-years, walked us through the chicken prep process, a process that was most surprising to me… mostly due to the fact that I thought all the chicken came frozen – I was wrong. In fact, Canadian-raised chicken is shipped fresh to stores, stored in a massive fridge. The meat is cleaned and prepared in-house – removing all extra skin and tendons – before it’s coated.

A whole chicken, 9-pieces in total, is put into a large wire basket, dropped into water, and twisted back and forth. Afterward, the chef precisely tosses the chicken in Colonel’s Sanders’ spice and flour mixture (unfortunately, we couldn’t get the secret recipe), grabbing all 9 pieces, tossing, and then gently pressing the flour onto the chicken.

The cook then picks up each set of chicken pieces, taps it lightly to remove any excess coating, and carefully places it on wire racks to be dropped into the pressure fryer. Up to 5 chickens can be cooked at a time.

The oil in the pressure fryer stays hot all day long, stirred occasionally to ensure heat is appropriately distributed. Once the chicken goes in, it’s cooked for 14 minutes until it’s perfectly golden and crispy. The chicken sits out of the fryer for an extra 5 minutes to lock in flavours and voila! It’s ready to serve!

What impressed me the most was how much care went into the chicken, how meticulously it was cleaned and how thoughtful the Chef was with the coating process. With fast-food joints, it’s easy to believe untrained teens are quickly prepping our meals mindlessly but going behind the scenes at KFC showed me a totally different story.

To get your behind-the-scenes look, sign-up for KFC Cooking School at kfc.ca/KFCCookingSchool.

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