Yes, It’s a Job: I Detail and Wash Drake and DeadMau5’s Cars

luxury car detailing toronto

Deadmau5’s Purracan Lamborghini (Image: Aly Zorn)

Think you have a cool job? Think again. Yes, it’s my Job explores all the different occupations – from the unbelievable to the unique – that you’ve dreamt of but never knew existed.

Like fast cars? Imagine if you could be around them all day, every day… Better yet, imagine if you could be around luxury cars owned by the rich and famous all day, every day. Well, that’s the life of Ali Ushak, the owner and founder of Autobath Elite, one of Toronto’s top car detailing businesses. But not just any type of car, we’re talking about exotic cars owned by celebrities like Deadmau5 and Drake. 

So how does one get to the top of the car detailing pyramid, you might ask? Perseverance, hard work and a little bit of luck, like being in the right place at the right time. Ushak tells us that building his initial clientele was no easy feat… it required leveraging his then-theoretical business degree and networking the crap out of every situation!

luxury car detailing toronto

Deadmau5’s Purracan Lamborghini (Image: Aly Zorn)

Take for example how a casual meal out became one of the most pivotal moments for the company and a doorway into the life of the elite. Ushak explains that he spotted Joel Zimmerman’s (DeadMau5) car out front a restaurant and immediately recognized an opportunity of a lifetime.

True to form, he seized the moment by befriending the valet, who later let him know when Zimmerman was smoking out front. Ushak took the opportunity to pitch him his business and everything worked out… The end. Just kidding. At first, Zimmerman wouldn’t even talk to him. He wouldn’t even take his business card. People try to befriend the musician all the time, so we don’t blame him.

luxury car detailing toronto

Ali Ushak hoses down Deadmau5’s Lamborghini (Image: Aly Zorn)

Just when Ushak thought he had exhausted all avenues, he noticed a girl with the title as “Assistant to Deadmau5” in his suggested friends on Facebook. He messaged her around six to seven times before she answered. And it paid off. Zimmerman (Deadmau5) has been a lasting and loyal client of six years.

Along with perseverance, another key to Autobath Elite’s success is honing in on “the specific needs of supercar collectors and enthusiasts.” To be the best, you have to portray a certain pedigree, even if it means being shot down at first. Precise branding, persistence, and an incredible work ethic are eventually noticed – 3:00 am client calls are not out of the ordinary.

Besides early morning wake up calls, Autobath Elite specializes in servicing vehicle maintenance needs like “weekly fleet maintenance, season and storage prep packages, paint correction and scratch removal, as well as Ceramic Pro permanent protection.”

luxury car detailing toronto

A couple of Autobath Elite client cars (Image: Provided)

And while Ushak certainly works hard, there are also some pretty incredible perks that come with his job. Perks like driving client’s Lamborghinis and Ferraris (no joke!), getting invited to supercar launches, partnering with car dealerships like Grand Touring and Ferrari Maserati of Ontario, and traveling to places like Miami to service clients abroad.

And the opportunity for travel will only grow. A lot of clients spend their time in the U.S. over the winter, so goals like expanding into North America, as well as being recognized as one of North America’s premier automotive detailing providers, would be a natural progression.

Autobath Elite client cars (Image: Provided)

But just like any successful entrepreneur, Ushak will tell you that there are no shortcuts. It’s his unrelenting passion and dedication that have led the Autobath Elite business to where it is today – servicing not only Deadmau5 but now Drake and a number of families on Canada’s most wealthy list.

Looking towards the future, there’s no holding back and the client list is only growing. Right now the engines are purring and the road is a wide open highway of opportunity. 

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