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The heat between Drake & Rihanna continues… (Image: Instagram/@champagnepapi)

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Drake and Rihanna, In Love at Last
Juice Factor: 9/10

After proclaiming his love for Rihanna during the VMAs on Sunday night, while presenting her the Video Vanguard Award, the rumoured couple haven’t left each other’s sides. She, the pretty girl from Barbados. He, Toronto’s very own mascot. They’ve collaborated song after song about love, sex and broken hearts. Could it be that they are finally showing the world that it’s time to stop playing games and just be together? Drake told the entire world, during his speech on Sunday night, “She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old.” And then he went in to kiss her. Since, the two have gone on dates all around town, last seen leaving Nobu in New York City on Monday night after an intimate dinner. And the crowd goes wild! We so wanna see this couple last. RiRi! Please be the first lady of Toronto!

New It-Girl! Teyana Taylor
Juice Factor: 10/10

If you don’t know who this girl is, you need to put her on your speed dial right away. And when we say speed dial, we really mean follow her on every single social media possible. Just cry at her body, why don’t you?! But really, who the heck is Teyana Taylor? Well, she’s the hardbody dancing in Kanye West’s Fade video who then turns into a cat. Yup. But in real life she is engaged to NBA star, Iman Shumpert, and guess what – he’s the guy who gets all hot and heavy with her in the shower scene of West’s video. Keep it in the family! Another fun fact? She had her abs back only 6 days after giving birth to her daughter, in her bathroom at home. She also claims that she doesn’t work out or diet – she just dances. Yup. Hate her yet?

Teyana Taylor

Blind Item: Toronto Influencer Causes Outrage After Snapchat Confession
Juice Factor: 9/10

Just last week, one of Toronto’s most influential media darlings took to her Snapchat to tell her followers that she was having a bad day. The otherwise fun-loving, positive and always honest star, showed a more raw side of her life. As the tears streamed down her face, she gave us a real life glimpse of what it means to be stressed the eff out. However, as it goes when you air out your dirty laundry, the rest of the blogger community was outraged. We’ve heard from a source that her peers were simply outraged that she could cry on her Snapchat. Some said she was “oversharing,” while others were overheard calling her “shallow” behind her back. Ohhhh nasty! Guess that’s what happens when you’re at the top of your game – haters gon’ hate.

Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed, Ryan Lochte to Join.
Juice Factor: 6/10

When Speedo and Ralph Lauren don’t want you, don’t worry, Dancing With the Stars will take you. This show just knows no boundaries when it comes to casting society’s celebrity rejects. So, after disappointing his entire team and country at the Rio Olympics after making up a story about getting mugged when he was really just drunk and dumb, he is now going to be dancing the Merengue with a stupid grin on his face, sequins streaming down his pectorals. Who else made the cut for Season 23? Amber Rose, Laurie Hernandez and Vanilla Ice. Talk about a cast! We cannot wait for the show to air so we can see all the fails.

scene & heard

At least we know he can get down low (Image: Instagram/@Ryanlochte)

The Aftermath: Kaepernick Sits During National Anthem
Juice Factor: 7/10

So, if you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed that 49ers QB legend, Colin Kaepernick, didn’t stand during the National Anthem during a game. And the rest of the country and the NFL are now standing divided about the issue. Why didn’t he stand? Well, Kaepernick claims that he couldn’t “stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of colour.” What does Donald Trump have to say about this controversial move? Well, what do you think he said. He told Kaepernick that if he doesn’t like America he can leave.

Taylor Swift, Jury Duty or Hiding from Kanye?
Juice Factor: 8/10

Always a battleground for the rapper and the pop singer, the VMAs were missing something (or in this case, someone) very important to make it a drama-filled evening. All they gave us was Drake and Rihanna because it turns out that Taylor was hiding in the bathroom trying to avoid Kanye West. Just joking. It was revealed later that T-Swift was actually serving jury duty. Aww, doing her civil service like a good little American. But she was dismissed because she couldn’t be impartial (coulda told you that) since she is also herself, involved in a sexual assault case after being groped by a fan. It is pretty convenient though that Swift’s ostensible jury duty stint was during the most talked about award show, and where she definitely belonged, and where we obviously wanted to see her. Oh well, duty calls!

scene & heard

A potential juror and Tay-Tay (Image: Bryan Merville via AP)

Blind Item: Hockey Legend tries to Penny-Pinch a Bill
Juice Factor: 7/10

While we know the rich don’t get rich by spending their money, we also know that a certain Canadian hockey legend – who has a net worth of a couple hundred million – isn’t too broke to tip a couple bucks on a hefty drink bill. Our insider tells us that said hockey star recently dropped by a popular upscale Chinese restaurant and refused to tip, forcing his flustered companion to tip for everything herself. Even though this retired player has dropped his mitts, he’s keeping his fists tight. He shoots, he doesn’t score any points for being a decent human being!

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