Menu Tasting at Kultura Restaurant

A couple weeks ago Ms. Laborie and I were invited over to Kultura on King East to nosh out on some menu items, down a couple glasses of vino, meet the chef and owner, and, of course, vlog about the resto. I’d never been, and though Nicks had once been ‘kultured’, it was about time we checked it out.

So Kultura’s a trendy share/tapas restaurant that was taken over about a year and a half ago by new management and a new chef, the lovely Hawaiian Bernadette. (FYI, Nicki assumed that given her name she was French…as of course any French woman would.)

We went through about 12 menu items, ranging from ahi tuna cornets to palak paneer naan – which was, though lacking a bit in paneer, pretty awesome thanks to the peppered honey/truffle oil 1-2 punch – to mushroom orecchiette (which I was convinced I was pronouncing properly while the rest of the room was in the wrong…turns out not a soul there was on point). Overall, we were properly impressed by the bites coming from the kitchen. (It may have taken several strategic moves around the room to get the food thanks to post-fashion show hunger exhibited by many of the guests, but it was well worth the geographical inconvenience.)

Now, I need to dedicate a few words to the lamb chops because it was, as Mariah might say, a “Stone Groove Smash Hit Wonder.” I thought it tasted a bit caramel-y/molasses-y/coffee-y, Nicki thought it was some of the best quality she’s ever had in the city, and the lovely editor of, Chenessa, couldn’t believe she was eating lamb and loving it. The point is, a trip to Kultura is worth the cab fare for this rack alone.

What else circulated – usually away from us – on the wooden platters? Watch the vid below to find out…

Kultura Restaurant | 169 King Street East |