Middle Eastern Meets Mediterranean at Toronto’s Mideastro Yorkville

What do you think of when you hear “Middle Eastern Cuisine”? If you’re like me, then thoughts of falafel in pita or shawarma in pita or hummus, with pita of course, come to mind. Well, Tuesday night I was schooled at Mideastro Yorkville. Not that I didn’t assume there was more to the Middle East’s delicacies, it’s just that my experience has been limited to casual drop-ins at street-strip joints.

Nicki and I, among a slew of other media foodies, were treated to an opulent seven-course divine dowry of dishes at Yorkville restaurant Mideastro. The second you’re inside you realize this is no Ghazale-style spot. It’s upscale, chic, atmospheric…gorgeously understated.

Mideastro’s Executive Chef Benny Cohen joined the team about a year ago, starting at the Thornhill location and then spearheading the menu at the 27 Yorkville Avenue establishment (which opened last summer). His fusion of the Middle East meets the Mediterranean is nothing short of awe-inspiring. (Seriously, “oohs” and “ahhs” could be heard round the seating each time a new dish was placed.)

We dined on everything from fricasse (a scrumptuous and rich ahi tuna, spiced pumpkin, and potato mixture in something resembling a pita, but not quite), to lamb soup (which Nicki loved…apparently she normally hates soups, go figure with all the detoxing she does to stay trim and fit given her line of work), black truffle carpaccio (with wagyu beef, look it up then let your jealous slurs fly), red snapper with arisa risotto (not everyone’s favourite; I loved it and the plating was uber elegant), lamb and beef grilled kufta (by far the most popular course at our table), and fig kataiv (with spiced mascarpone, and ‘angel hair’ phyllo), to name a few.

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I could write at length about the depth of spices and flavour combinations at Mideastro Yorkville, not to mention the presentation, service, and fantastic Israeli wines served and described by Master Sommelier Bruce Wallner, but I know y’all are accustomed to Nicki’s vlogs really showcasing the restaurant’s ‘excellent ganachery’, so without further adieu…

www.MideastroYorkville.com | 27 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto

Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie

Nicki Laborie is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of View the Vibe & Vv Magazine. Nicki has spent her adult life everywhere from Montreal to New York to St. Maarten, and finally ended up in Toronto. She started her career studying fashion journalism at FIT followed by working in media and PR with some of the world's top fashion and luxury brands. Eventually she ended up back in the restaurant business working with hot culinary spots in NYC, St. Maarten and Toronto. Her combined experience inspired her to start View the Vibe and Vv Magazine.
Nicki Laborie