6 Moms Tell us What they Really want for Mother’s Day this Year

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Mother’s Day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. While Father’s Day brings images of Dad skipping off to golf with buddies and coming home to BBQ and crack beers, Mom’s Day is all brunches, flowers, and ill-fitting handmade macaroni necklaces…. Not that I don’t love my pipe cleaner jewelry, but if you’re qualifying this made up holiday as a down payment on all those dirty diapers and packed lunches, let’s get the Moms something that makes her swoon.

We sat down with a group of Mom’s to ask what YOU really want on this made up Hallmark holiday.

Carole Nelson Brown
Chef, Makeup artist, and blogger
Mom to Hank, 18
In all honesty, I want a day to myself followed by a nice dinner out with the family. I found that when Hank was little and I was a stay at home mom, I never got a whole day to myself. A spa day is great with some lunch while reading a good book, followed by an afternoon of doing nothing was absolute heaven. Now that my boy is all grown up, a chesty Haier freezer to store all my kitchen rampages would make me drool!

Michelle Jobin
TV Host, Fitness & Lifestyle Expert
Mom to Archer, toddler
This was a tough one, because really just spending time with my son and husband is enough for me. But given the super dreary weather lately in Toronto, I’d love a little sunny getaway. Seeing as our favourite place in the world to visit is Spain and we haven’t had the chance to bring our two year old there yet, it would be ideal. First some family beach time at the Costa Brava, then some serious eating adventures up in San Sebastián. Then to Barcelona to wander the city, see friends, have more beach time and maybe a BBQ and a glass or two of cava. That’s my idea of perfect.

Michelle Jobin (Image: Tobias Wang)

Sonya Davidson
Writer, TorontoGuardian.com, and others
Mom to Tyler, 12 and Jacob, 17
Top of my list is getting into ALO without having to book two months in advance! That would be a treat… A weekend getaway in a luxury hotel — in PJs and room service, while catching up with all the Netflix shows on my list would be perfection. Wait… I need new PJs too! I would also love any one of Anne Sportun’s beautifully designed rings. I also would love a beautiful box of Brandon Olsen’s chocolates.

Libby Roach
Photographer, Writer, Vv Magazine and others
Mom to Caitlin, 10 and Paige, 8
As a mom to two girls, I want to continue to inspire them to follow their creative paths and reach their athletic goals. Sounds lofty, but a family membership to the AGO would be welcome time spent engaging them in the emerging art scene.  Since my kids and I are super sporty, new kicks and some time at the running track would be a great way to spend the afternoon. Cap it off with a bottle of Groth and a cheeseboard and I’ll be one happy momma.

Libby Roach (Image: Lily Leung)

Sasha Exeter
Creative Director, So Sasha
Mom to be
As an excited (and nervous) mama-to-be, I am looking forward to being able to take part in Mother’s Day as a Mother for the very first time. I’ve been exhausted throughout this pregnancy which I know will also be the case when our little one arrives, so for me, the perfect gift would be a day of relaxation. A full day spa experience where I can get pampered with a 90 min massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and a blow-out sounds pretty good to me right now!

Solmaz K
Creator at The Curious Creature
Mom to Luka, newborn
This being my very first Mother’s Day, I’d realllllly love a weekend getaway with my newly-expanded family. I’m big on sharing experiences so this would make me the happiest new mama on the block!

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Libby Roach

Libby Roach

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