New Kid on the Block: Doughlish


Inside Doughlish (Image: Lisa Xu)

The best part about helping your parents bake as a child was while they did all the work, you got to lick the leftover cookie dough from the spoon. And now your fond childhood memories can be relived since Doughlish is arrived at Toronto.

At the heart of Kensington market, owners and twin sisters Hana and Farrah Elali have set up a small pop-up shop selling one thing and one thing only: cookie dough. 

The shop may be small, but the cool hipster vibes it exudes are hard to miss. Part of its charm is owed to Doughlish’s partner, Hip Pop Art, who provides the space and awesome pieces of urban art. With an added touch of vibrant pink signage, witty quotes, and a playlist full of good rap, Doughlish has created a brand that really speaks to Torontonians.   


Inside Doughlish (Image: Lisa Xu)

Don’t let the fear of E.coli or salmonella from raw dough deter you from making a stop at Doughlish. Their products contain no eggs nor dairy, and their flour is heat-treated. The only thing you have to worry about is choosing between four tantalizing flavours.

Doughlish’s cookie doughs are all made from scratch, and the roster changes every weekend so there’s always something new and exciting on the menu. Chocolate chip and Oreo are crowd favourites, so they remain constant. There are vegan options as well. Prices range from $5-8, depending on what vessel you want to your cookie dough in, cup or cone.


An array of different cookie doughs (Image: Instagram/

Their white chocolate chip cookie dough was soft, sweet and decadent, everything a good dough should be. Cookies and milk were always a match made in heaven, and it’s no different with cookie dough. A shot of milk cuts through the sugariness to add a touch of creaminess, and it’s perfect in between bites of delicious cookie dough.


White chocolate chip cookie dough with a shot of milk (Image: Lisa Xu)

Doughlish’s doughs can also be transformed into scrumptious cookies after popping them in the oven for a few minutes.


White chocolate chip cookies baked from Doughlish dough (Image: Lisa Xu)

Doughlish has turned cookie dough into a novelty, and Toronto is quickly starting join the craze. If you’re spending a day at Kensington market, making a stop at Doughlish is a good way to satiate your sweet tooth.

The pop-up shop will remain open until July 24, and the future of Doughlish is yet to be determined, which is all the more reason why it should be on your summer food bucket list.

Visit Doughlish at 206 Augusta Ave. Friday to Sunday from 11:30am to 6pm. 

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