Now Showing: The Night Market at 99 Sudbury

Set in a casual and welcoming space, 99 Sudbury will be hosting a Night Market from now until October. Every Wednesday from 5 to 10pm, The Night Market will showcase a spectrum of fine goods and foods under one roof. The objective was simple for event curators Matthew Harris, Jane Stevens, and Jesse Tyrell of create a space for people to mingle and listen to live music, pick up groceries or dinner after work, and have some drinks.

The Night Market is currently licensed to offer wines, spirits, beers, cocktails and boozy treats of a similar nature. It also brings an eclectic blend of bakery goods, cooked dishes, food trucks, produce, drinks, products, art, and jewelry. Matthew Harris describes it as a bazaar that brings people together in support of the local community.

Up and coming food entrepreneurs like Allen Tan of Me.n.u. and Smashcakes (who were also present to celebrate its birthday of two years) are welcome as well as more established companies like Hogtown Brewers and Eudora’s Fine Foods. Harris also says that different food trucks will be on rotation until October. There will always be one truck that offers savoury (this time Stuft Food Truck) and one for sweet (this time Pretty Sweet Cupcakes) items.

There was no shortage of beauty present either. With jewelers like She Must Be Somewhere and Future Arts People offering unique baubles and necklaces, you can walk away with a full tummy and a gorgeous piece of art. With a vendor list of 30+, there is something for everyone at The Night Market to enjoy.

Tiffany Leigh

Tiffany graduated with degrees in Communications and Education.She is also a James Beard Scholarship recipient and an avid baker with formal training in baking and pastry arts.She is a writer and photographer for design, culture, and food. Tiff adores wearing pretty dresses and musing about all events fun and exciting in Toronto.