Plus-Sized Models: Do Men Care About Weight

With Ashley Graham appearing in Sports Illustrated as their first “plus-size model” (we use the term loosely) and Tess Holliday becoming the first size-22 model to get signed to a major agency, it seems like 2015 just may be the year that we will finally begin appreciating women of all shapes and sizes. Can we get an amen? As women, we know the effects of the skewed representation of females in the media all too well, but we at Vv Magazine began to wonder what the Joe Blows of the world think of the whole issue?

With that question in mind and our camera guy jacked up on caffeine, we took to the streets of Toronto to discover what it is that men really think about those extra ten pounds. Trust us — with the answers we got, you’ll love this.

Surprise surprise, the critique us woman place on ourselves is mountains higher than that of a man’s. Actually, come to think of it, mountains are an understatement — lets go with Mars. They actually like seeing us naked. Weird, right?

To quote Vince, the cutie of the video, “It’s the small things we’re usually insecure about that don’t matter to anyone else anyways.” Seriously, ladies, men do not care about your nail beds or those tiny bits of cellulite on the back of your leg, and they especially don’t care about the bald spot in your right eyebrow (though we feel you there, girl). It’s time to start focusing on what boys do notice and love about your body. Like your boobs and your ass, and other more politically-correct features like your smile, or whatever. But seriously… boobs.

If there’s anything to take note of, it’s this: While the so-called softer gender was aggressively over-analyzing Sports Illustrated using a plus-size model, the men of the world were too busy tying to get themselves a copy to jack… um… read. Yeah, read. If you’re ever feeling insecure, keep in mind what our not-so-secret favourite interviewee Rob Flynn said about his type of woman: “Big, small, tall, short — ‘Anything I can get’ is a better way of putting it.” Safe to say, chances are you are his type.

Check out the video below and see for yourselves what the real men of Toronto had to say to Vv Magazine about women, plus-size models, and body image. We dare you not to fall in love with all the guys in this video but, if you do, it’s okay — we have their contact information. We’ll hook you up, girl.

With contributions from Danielle Jobb.

What are your thoughts on the rise of plus-sized models in the fashion industry? Let Vv Magazine know in the comments below or tweet us @ViewTheVibe.

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  • Emma

    What a great piece and an excellent reminder, after Vday and before swimsuit season, to love what you’ve got.

  • Tatiana

    It’s so refreshing to hear opinions from real people about women’s body image and that yes, ladies, a muffin top is okay. That bit of cellulite? No one else cares it’s there, other than you. The majority of men like their women with some curves and today’s women need to be reminded of that. All that matters is that you’re happy and healthy. Also, I can’t possible imagine braving this cold without some “extra layers”.

  • Kev

    Lol I agree with that one guy. Yeaaaaahhh

  • Emily

    There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ body type, just a body type everyone is used to seeing. Let’s get more shapes like this in the mainstream media!

  • Alex

    Thats a good question. The discourse rarely touches on how heterosexual men *really* feel about the “fat v skinny dialogue.” Although I think the assumption is most guys “prefer” one body time, I think it is less of a fact, and more of a misconception. Very cool to see more guys voicing their opinions, and very good of you to frame this question in a way that allows many women to feel less conscientious about how they may be viewed by their peers.

    • Dude

      I agree with Alex here. Ladies, we like ass! Eat that burger! also guy in the sens hat said it all

  • Jo

    Think I am in love with all the men… Nice to hear guys acknowledging that the airbrush look just isn’t a thing..

  • Tim

    It’s about time ! But can we be surprised that these guys are into a girl with that chest?

  • Stu

    You know that one guy? You know which one I’m on about! … hilarious.