Over-rated/Under-rated: Kanye, Farts, Uma’s Face + More

Sure, we might not write in-depth cultural critiques of everything that makes a splash on pop culture’s radar every week, but that doesn’t mean we’re not talking about it around the Vv Magazine office watercooler. That’s why, every Friday, Vv Magazine’s editors roundup the stuff we loved, hated, debated, and obsessed over during the week that was with Vv’s Over-rated/Under-rated. We’re not ashamed to admit that we do more than just keep up with the Kardashians — we have office polls on what everyone from Bruce Jenner and Kate Middleton to Marc Jacobs and Justin Trudeau will do next…

Overrated: Kanye West’s Grammy Awards interruption

Sure, Kanye West has made a name for himself ruining other people’s moments in the sun just so he can speak his mind, but at least he made a name for himself as a credible rapper prior to the rage. And, sure, it still doesn’t make it any less rude, but while everyone’s applauding those speaking out against Kanye like Shirley Manson, no one in Hollywood has said much more than a whimper about the all-white Oscars of 2015 for fear of being out of the Academy’s good graces. They can take a lesson from Kanye West who doesn’t care if he gets another Grammy, which he will because…

Underrated: Kanye West and Taylor Swift hitting studio together

See, a rainbow always comes after a Kanye storm. And how sick would a Beck and Kanye West collaboration be?


Overrated: Brian Williams’ six month suspension from the news

Okay, so are we the only people who think this is just a little too big a price-tag for the crime? We’ll be the first to admit that what he lied about was weird, but only in the same way it’s weird when people tell you they went on vacation instead of lying in a tanning bed.

Underrated: “Boyfriend films girlfriend after colonoscopy” fart tape

Sure, this boyfriend is either getting a restraining order or divorce papers (or maybe both!) for Valentine’s Day, but we can’t tell you the amount of satisfaction we’ve had from playing this video in the office for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. If you consider watching a YouTube of a woman letting out the longest, loudest fart of 2015 so far a waste of time, then definitely don’t ask us about our collection of cat videos.

Overrated: Spice Girls’ leaked songs controversy

Um, isn’t a leaked song just called a “new single” these days?

Underrated: American Horror Story’s Jamie Brewer walks in NYFW

While the plus-sized model debate continues, the amazing Jamie Brewer, one of the regular stars of American Horror Story, is hitting the runway in New York for fashion week for the “Role Models Not Runway Models” campaign show. Let’s give it up for progress, friends!

Overrated: Dramatic plastic surgery in Hollywood

Well, if Uma Thurman went under the knife due to Hollywood pressures to stay young, at least now they’ll know who to call when Renee Zellweger needs a body double.


What are your thoughts on Vv Magazine’s “Over-rated/Under-rated: Kanye, Farts, Uma + More“? Do you think we should be defending Kanye’s behavious? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us your thoughts @ViewTheVibe.

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