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Sex & The 6ix is our new weekly Sunday dating column in collaboration with a dating expert and matchmaker. Every week watch two people get to know each other and predict if the relationship will bloom or if it looks like an epic fail. We send two people out to a hot spot to enjoy dinner on us and see if we can make a love connection! 

Shanny in the City


Meet our matchmaker:

Shannon Tebb, entrepreneur and creator of Shanny in the City, has worked as a Matchmaker and Dating Consultant since 2010. She has been featured on various radio shows, and offered her expert opinion for articles in the Huffington Post, The Star, Metro, Eligible TV, Oh So Cosmo, KISS 92.5, CBC Radio, and was the spokesperson for

Interested in being one of our daters? Shanny is looking for genuine candidates that are interested in finding love in this oh so busy city!

Fill out the form that applies to you and we will set you up with a potential perfect match! With Shanny’s expertise, we hope we can help you find love in the 6ix – or at least enjoy a nice meal on us. After the date we ask for a quick feedback session to gain insight as to how the date went and encourage you to keep putting yourself out there!

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Now onto this week’s date…. Meet Shanny’s match:

Sex & the 6ix

It was a nice surprise receiving Megan’s application to be one of our Sex & the 6ix blind daters. I met her a few years back at GoodLife Fitness and remember her as an attractive, spunky, bubbly girl who was a powerhouse when it came to recruitment. Having already known Megan worked to my advantage in matching her with Nick. He’s a tall, Italian, Real Estate hunk that describes himself as the adventurous type and has no trouble closing a sale. It was a no brainer that Megan would be attracted to Nick who resembles Ricky Martin, the hot Latin boy of the nineties.

In their applications, both these singles selected that a great first date is catching dinner and sharing a bottle of vino at a hot restaurant so we sent off to The Drake Hotel, one of our city’s coolest spots. Nick appreciates a girl with curves, and Megan has them in all the right places (similar to Kate Upton but a brunette version). She’s looking for a guy with a great sense of humor who is athletic, which describes Nick. Megan is the creative intellectual type who is stylish and well put together – another plus for Nick. And with Nick’s sense of humor and charm, I’m sure Megan will have no complaints post date. So now it’s all up to our daters to ignite some sparks!

Will this Ricky Martin look alike add substance to the conversation and not just be a pretty face? Will Megan’s personality shine and her hips not lie? Let’s see how their Drake date went where they enjoyed cocktails and dinner on us!

The Drake Hotel

Sex & the 6ix

Megan and Nick on their date at the Drake Hotel

 Sex & the 6ixWe asked The Drake Hotel’s hostess Amanda how the date looked to be going from afar. Here’s what she said:

“It seems Nick was not into Megan from the start. He never gave her a chance. He was polite throughout the date but she was clearly more interested than he was.”

Good eye Amanda.

After interviewing both Megan and Nick, Shannon’s expert opinion is…

Judging from the post date feedback that was received, Megan and Nick both had a great time and were experienced daters. The conversation flowed nicely, Nick was polite to the wait staff, there was some playful casual touching, and they both had similar taste buds when it came to food. Although, there was a lot of positive feedback from Megan, Nick felt there was a minimal connection. He mentioned he would like to remain friends but not too sure Megan is looking for another buddy at this point. Blind dates can be tricky, as you never really know if two people will connect until they are face to face.

My advice in this case is to limit the casual touching and flirting if you really don’t feel an attraction as it can lead to mixed messages. We wish these two singles all the best in their quest for love and are happy that they participated in this week’s Sex & the 6ix blind date.

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Shannon Tebb

Shannon Tebb

Shannon Tebb, entrepreneur and creator of Shanny in the City, has worked as a Matchmaker and Dating Consultant since 2010.
Shannon Tebb

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