Is the New Sodastream Source Worth the Price Tag?

sodastream source review

Sodastream Source (Image: Libby Roach)

If you’ve been lusting after the latest kitchen gadget but aren’t sure if it’s worth the expense (or counter space) then read on! In our tireless search for the truth, Vv Magazine’s Libby Roach is inspecting the goods, the bads and the in-betweens of the everyday appliances vying for your hard earned bucks.

Libby’s Kitchen Counter Chronicles continues this month, with a close look at the sparkling new Sodastream Source. This bubbly bartender’s friend all but guarantees you’ll never run out of mix again. Tap water turns into fizzy and flavoured h20 in less time than it takes to squeeze a lemon.

Turning water into wine would be a better kitchen gadget but we’ll settle for sparkling instead. The new Sodastream Source looks like a designer version of its older squatter sibling. The footprint is smaller than its predecessors and the shiny white finish makes it almost apple-esque. It’s not only an upgrade on counter space that makes this sleek number sing, it also saves space by freeing up your fridge from pop and mix.

The CO₂ canister is tucked out of sight, and your level of custom carbonation is indicated by the light up LEDs on the front panel. No more over busted bubbles, this lithium battery powered light tells you when to call it quits. Also upgraded is the one litre bottle, it attaches painlessly, no more screwing around and wondering if you’re going to get a soaker when you press play.

The sticker price on this mix master is $149.99, which may initially seem steep but factor in your last minute Coke runs and the environmental impact of drinking crappy bottled water, well, this little number more than covers the spread.

While there are a few scant competitors to the Sodastream system, none of them have the reputation of the original bubbly brand. Face it, basic bubbles are a bust, you’re best to fork the dough over for the real deal. Vodka waters aren’t anywhere near as fun as vodka sodas.

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