Police are Investigating Robberies at Leslieville Coffee Shops

leslieville coffee shops

Inside Te Aro (Image: Instagram/@stephcholyk)

Police are investigating a series of robberies that have targeted local coffee shops. Vv Magazine has the details. 

Okay, we’ve got a real bone to pick. What’s the deal with thieves picking on the little guys? You know, those people who pour all their hard earned dollars, heart, and soul into their businesses?

According to CBC News, the Toronto police are investigating a number of break-ins that have happened in Leslieville coffee shops in recent weeks.

While investigators say it’s too soon to say whether or not the robberies are connected, each break-in happened in a similar “smash-and-grab” style.

Coffee shops that were targeted include Te Aro and Ashdale Brunch and Espresso, which each lost about $200, and Lazy Daisy’s Cafe which lost more than $3000. BlogTO reports that Grinder Coffee was also a target.

Just last year, a string of shops on Dundas West, including locally run jewelry store Armed, were targets of robberies. While the thief was eventually caught, you can only imagine the emotional and financial distress the events caused, especially for those shop owners that were in their stores when the robbery happened.

We are sending our love to the coffee shops that have been affected and hope that the thief/thieves are caught soon.

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