Summerlicious 2013

The day we’ve long waited for has arrived: Yes, Summerlicious reservations for the 2013 season start for the general public today, which means you’ve a lot of dialing/Open Tabling/ineffectively-tweeting-for-a-reservation to do. Running July 5th through the 21st, you’ve 17 days to partake in the prix fixins available at the 196 restaurants on the docket. At best, you can hope to get a cheap three-course meal 34 times during the food fest, and that’s if you indulge in lunch and dinner on the daily for the duration. But who has that kind of time or calorie-count to spare? (Wish we did.)


Kitchen action at L’Unita Enoteca, courtesy Facebook.

So, to help you circumnavigate the multitude of choices, we’ve prepped a few guides worthy of applause from any cartographer. Here are our top picks for Summerlicious 2013…

Summerlicious | 2013 Guide to 6 Chic and Sophisticated Spots
Want to dine somewhere that screams good taste? Looking to cement your status as an uber-cosmopolitan citizen of this fair metropolis? Then these six spots will be your playing field for Summerlicious this year.

Summerlicious | 2013 Guide to 6 Eclectic and Energetic Options
Is traversing the multicultural landscape more of your jive? Do you frolic in the aromas of exotic cuisine? We’ve a hotbed of six restaurants that will entice the urban explorer in anyone.

Summerlicious | 2013 Guide to 6 Innovative and Exciting Menus
Are you all about modern techniques and trendy tastes? Maybe you just appreciate something a li’l out of the ordinary. Whatever the case, these six restaurants will provide an edible experience worthy of your curiosity.

Summerlicious | 2013 Guide to 6 Fresh and Fashionable Restos
Do you consider food and fashion a pairing as perfect as PB&J? Do you relish the chance to be considered a scene king or queen? For those looking for the hot and happenin’ digs, we’ve six restaurants that need to be on your Summerlicious hit-list.

Summerlicious | 2013 Guide to 6 Cool and Comfortable Spots
Prefer to lounge for awhile and take in food as good as your company? Perhaps you just hate putting more effort into an outfit than finding whatever mismatched clothing doesn’t wreak and peeling it off your floor. These six restaurants are open to any cool and comfy cat during the prix fixe extravaganza, but remember: no shirt, no shoes, no Summerlicious.



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