[CLOSED] Contest: Enjoy music festival season with a $200 survival kit

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This post is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Inc. and offers you the chance to not just survive, but thrive, during this summer’s music festivals.

For ravers, hippies and all other niche music lovers, summertime means more than just nice weather and patio drinks. Summertime is festival season. Fashion-obsessed ticketholders understand that festivals are about more than just the tunes. They are runways for all fringe, flower crowns and shower sandals attendants can get their hands on. And looking that fabulous means that iPhones will be a-flashing, all weekend long. Nobody wants to be Instagrammed looking like their campground doesn’t have a shower facility – even if it doesn’t.

Luckily, we’re offering you the chance to win a Festival Survival Kit! With approximately $200 worth of beauty products, we want to ensure that you’re ready for your close-up from the first set of the weekend to the last #nofilter.

After all, anything could happen. Blinded by strobe lights and neon crop tops, you trip on an exposed cord and take a tumble. Wouldn’t you be thankful to be stocked up on BandAid’s waterproof bandages to cover up that unsightly scrape on your knee?

You’re busy downing delicious craft beers that it might be too late by the time you realize that those pesky UV rays are doing damage to your oh-so-exposed shoulders. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a bottle of the Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen SPF 30 waiting at the bottom of your fanny pack?

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You’re in the middle of a crowd, hands in the air, shaking your booty shorts like you just don’t care and sweating like you’re in an advanced hot yoga class when you turn around and see, cue horror music, your ex. And his new girlfriend. In that moment, how much would you appreciate Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to dab away the sweat and turn around to face him looking like your beautiful, dry self?

Also included in the kit are products from Benadryl, Listerine and Polysporin. We’ve seen it all, and we don’t want you to be unprepared.

To enter, leave a comment in the comment section below telling us about your biggest summertime beauty blunder story. For a second entry, follow @ViewtheVibe on Twitter and tweet at us stating your biggest beauty worry for the music festival season.

Contest is open to all Canadian residents, excluding Quebec. Must be 18 or older to enter. Winners will be chosen at random. The winner will be required to provide their contact information, sign a release, answer 3 questions related to Johnson & Johnson Inc. products, and answer a mathematical skill-testing question in order to receive their prize.

*Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 30th at 5pm.

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