[CLOSED] Contest: Enjoy music festival season with a $200 survival kit

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This post is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Inc. and offers you the chance to not just survive, but thrive, during this summer’s music festivals.

For ravers, hippies and all other niche music lovers, summertime means more than just nice weather and patio drinks. Summertime is festival season. Fashion-obsessed ticketholders understand that festivals are about more than just the tunes. They are runways for all fringe, flower crowns and shower sandals attendants can get their hands on. And looking that fabulous means that iPhones will be a-flashing, all weekend long. Nobody wants to be Instagrammed looking like their campground doesn’t have a shower facility – even if it doesn’t.

Luckily, we’re offering you the chance to win a Festival Survival Kit! With approximately $200 worth of beauty products, we want to ensure that you’re ready for your close-up from the first set of the weekend to the last #nofilter.

After all, anything could happen. Blinded by strobe lights and neon crop tops, you trip on an exposed cord and take a tumble. Wouldn’t you be thankful to be stocked up on BandAid’s waterproof bandages to cover up that unsightly scrape on your knee?

You’re busy downing delicious craft beers that it might be too late by the time you realize that those pesky UV rays are doing damage to your oh-so-exposed shoulders. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a bottle of the Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen SPF 30 waiting at the bottom of your fanny pack?

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You’re in the middle of a crowd, hands in the air, shaking your booty shorts like you just don’t care and sweating like you’re in an advanced hot yoga class when you turn around and see, cue horror music, your ex. And his new girlfriend. In that moment, how much would you appreciate Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to dab away the sweat and turn around to face him looking like your beautiful, dry self?

Also included in the kit are products from Benadryl, Listerine and Polysporin. We’ve seen it all, and we don’t want you to be unprepared.

To enter, leave a comment in the comment section below telling us about your biggest summertime beauty blunder story. For a second entry, follow @ViewtheVibe on Twitter and tweet at us stating your biggest beauty worry for the music festival season.

Contest is open to all Canadian residents, excluding Quebec. Must be 18 or older to enter. Winners will be chosen at random. The winner will be required to provide their contact information, sign a release, answer 3 questions related to Johnson & Johnson Inc. products, and answer a mathematical skill-testing question in order to receive their prize.

*Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 30th at 5pm.

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  • Luo Fei L.

    My biggest summertime beauty blunder story was when I forgot to put sunscreen on my hands after a long hot day outside. For many days after, my hands looked perpetually dirty! 🙁

  • Rachel

    I met up with my crush a few years ago at a summer festival, and the entire time my foundation had smudged/sweated across my face. I realized hours later, when I managed to get to a mirror (porta potties don’t typically have mirrors). So embarrassing! (And why did no one point it out?!)

  • My biggest blunder was putting on self tanner the night before I had a first date at the local Music Fest. It was my first time using it. I looked dark orange and had streaks everywhere!! I tried to get it off and managed to get some of it to leave but still looked rediculous

  • Amy Heffernan

    LOL I do have one! Was staying at a friends house two summers ago out of town. We were going to a HUGE festival concert that night. Lets just say that cooking spray is NOT a good tanning lotion. OUCH! I was so burnt. Then to make things worse I thought I would go get a foundation to help cover my face a bit from the burn for that night. Got to the festival took a sneak peak in the mirror in my purse and OMG I looks like a clown. Wrong foundation color and in the misty rain that night my NON waterproof mascara ran down my eyes! 🙁

    Thanks. I tweeted also. ink to tweet–>https://twitter.com/kissifer19/status/623925262833594369

    Email–> amyjaneheffernan@gmail.com

  • ld

    My biggest beauty blunder so far this year is shaving only one leg and I forgot to shave the other one!

  • seham

    my beauty blunder was applying a really dark shade of foundation , and missed a few spots it was horrible

  • Belinda McNabb

    oh gosh forgetting the deodorant and being at a summer wedding! I was so worried everyone would know

  • BTB

    Forgot the sun screen?

  • Donna L.

    Wore sunglasses while sunbathing and ended up with racoon tan lines around my eyes.

  • Entrepreurial One

    Didn’t wear a hat in California on a trip, in a convertible, and scalp peeled for a month!

  • Andrea Amy

    Biggest blunder: forgetting the sunscreen. Did I mention that I am pasty white and still naturally blonde (even at 41?). Yup. Turned lobster-ish there for a while before the burn turned back to my natural pasty white lol
    andrea_hockeygirl at hotmail dot com

  • EN Donnelly

    sadly it’s happenned more than once and it’s forgetting to wear a hat.

  • Jamillah

    My biggest summer beauty blunder is wearing those super cute strappy sandals…where the straps eventually dig into my feet causing blisters and other sores. OUCH!

  • flowerchild23

    My biggest summer beauty blunder was wearing a lip stain to the beach, it ended up baking onto my lips.. Very sore and red for a few days after.

  • flowerchild23

    I follow you on twitter (@flower_child_23) and tweeted


  • Mary M

    Worst blunder is wearing brand new sandals and forgetting to apply sunscreen to my feet. Next day, my feet were like hamburger red pink from sunburn and covered in blisters. Could not wear proper shoes for two days.

  • Erinn Lishman

    My biggest summertime beauty blunder has to be not applying moisturizer after a sunburn and going out with scaly, flaking skin! Twitter handle @thr33girls

  • Tami

    Worst summer blunder is wanting a tab and thinking being in 35 degree weather for 4 days at Pemberton Music Festival without sunscreen. The thought if putting tanning oil on was there but decided that’s not a good idea. Had some pretty red shoulders after day one.

    • Tami


  • Janice

    Wearing not waterproof makeup in the summer heat

  • neilsviv

    need more sun – living in Sask. terrible cold-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

  • marlibu

    My biggest beauty blunder was forgetting i had eyelash extensions earlier in the day and then getting them wet 🙁

  • ek03yr

    Not wearing sunscreen and having my skin peel. Gross!

  • Josh

    burning my neck really badly because I did not put on sunscreen.

  • Cameron Doerr

    Definitely thinking, “I don’t need sunscreen I’ll only be outside for five minutes,” followed by telling myself the next day “You should’ve worn sunscreen you fool!”

  • Rebby Roberts

    My hair – my hair is super curly and if there is any humidity or moisture such as rain, it’s a hot frizzy mess!

  • brooklynn

    I used some self tanner but did not exfoliate my knees and they ended up turning orange… oops

  • Matt

    I always tan, so I though I would be ok without applying sun screen to my legs in Costa Rica. Well big mistake, my legs looked like a lobster and I could not walk for 4 days.

  • Bonnie Mccleery

    Forgetting my sunscreen on a screaming hot day!

  • Brian Espiritu

    Burning my neck and shoulders really bad.

  • Susan

    Using regular sunscreen on my face when I ran out of face sunscreen. Turned red without a sunburn.

  • Christine McDowell

    sigh, not using enough sunblock. I burn easily and even if I put it on every hour I still miss something and get a pretty bad burn. The coolest the the face with the reverse racoon eyes lol

  • Oli Boss Boli

    One time I was lying in the sun naked and hadn’t had a base tan on my tush. No sunscreen. Whoops! Red bum 😉

  • billiondollarprincesss

    biggest beauty blunder not putting spf on my lips and having them swell up. Very painful!

  • Missycat11

    Biggest blunder was not using sunscreen and getting a sunburned on my chest and shoulders which started to really peel – not so bad but I had a wedding to attend.

  • jonnieh

    My biggest summer beauty blunder was dying my hair magenta but not rinsing well enough then heading out to a Battle of the Bands when I was a teen. I started sweating and my hair dye streaked down my face!

  • Andrea

    My biggest beauty blunder is one word: PIMPLES

  • Mark

    Too much sunscreen

  • Martha

    Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick.

  • Lauren

    Too much eyeliner.

  • Serena Debolt

    Not reading the bottle of what I THOUGHT was sunscreen..it was just regular moisturizer and I got a horrible burn that day

  • Lushka Smith

    Wearing a bikini while water skiing. Gave everyone quite the show when the top almost came off.

  • kudzai

    Wearing heavy make up on a blazing hot day. I survived. The make up didn’t.

  • BaileyDexter

    OMG, my daughter was up visiting for a wedding and was in need of a tan or some colour before putting on her bridesmaid dress. She asked it I had any self tanning products, I gave her one and said REMEMBER make sure you put it on even & light. Well half hour later she had huge spots of dark brown uneven patches all over her. What a mess. I called the bride to be and she came right over……needless to say we had to buy extra long gloves and add a piece of material in the neckline to cover as much skin on the neckline. as well as a shawl!

  • Jennifer_J89

    The one summer I got a tan (I normally only burn), I didn’t realize it until someone pointed out my foundation was two shades too light. I looked like a ghost!

  • Brian Lee

    not putting on sunscreen evenly on my whole body and getting an unusual tan

  • Andreia D.

    Forgot to bring a hat to an outdoor, shadeless summer event, scalp got badly burned.

  • Catherine Scharf

    Using a sunless tanning product. As soon as I went in the water my skin turned into blotchy orange patches ! What a sight for sore eyes!

  • Shelley N

    Tried out a new hair colour and when I went into the pool, the chlorine level was so high I had a slight green tinge to it. Not the colour I was looking for.

  • Kim M

    I should have worn waterproof mascara but I didn’t and it ran under my eyes.

  • Shellie Clark

    I used a self tanner but did not realize it turned my face orange


    My self tanner made my neck orange, did not notice it at home but when I looked in my car mirror it was definitely Orange, Thank goodness the new ones are much better

  • Margaret H

    Forgot to put sun screen on my underarms then feel asleep with my arms up over my head and bruned my armpits and had to hold my arms up for a week.

  • christine nunes

    Wanted to look nice for an upcoming holiday a few years ago and I tried self tanner for the first time. I bought a shade a lot darker then I should have. I looked so orange! YUCK! Atleast it faded eventually

  • Marlene V

    Last year I go stung by a wasp and my arm was swollen to twice it’s size. Not so beautiful!!!

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    Missing sunscreen on the back of my arms and the top of one shoulder–sunburn is not pretty!

  • pinksuzanne

    My biggest beauty time blunder was going to a concert in full makeup. It was so hot and humid my foundation was slipping off and I had to go to an outside not so clean washroom and wash makeup off face . I now carry face towelettes in my bag wherever I go.

  • Kevin

    Forgetting to wear sunscreen!

  • Christine Holliday

    Well…getting sunburned for one thing, but it seems that I am forever hurting myself, I could have used ointment and bandaids!!!

  • Theresa C.

    Not drinking enough water and getting dehydrated!

  • Shari D

    My biggest blunder is wearing foundation that ran down my face in the heat!

  • elsiemac8

    I didn’t put my suntan lotion on my face evenly…..I had layers of colour on my face.

  • sscmehil

    Sweating too much!

  • Kevin L

    I wore sunscreen a couple weeks ago, thinking it would protect me from the summer sun. Still got sunburned, and then I realized I was using expired sunscreen! Since then, I bought some new sunscreen that doesn’t expire till 2017 and it’s been problem free since then. 🙂

  • Leah

    Wearing non-waterproof mascara and going swimming. Oopsies!!

  • Karla

    The biggest beauty blunder in the summer would be putting on non waterproof mascara and deciding to jump in the lake!

  • As a new mom, I have baby brain. I forgot to shave my legs and wore shorts! I spent all day looking down and silently crying!

  • Margaret H

    My biggest blunder, forgetting to wear sunscreen on my nose and subsequently it went really red.

  • Erin Taylor

    my biggest blunder of the summer is forgetting to wear sunscreen and turning into a lobster for a week!

  • Brigitte Inderbitzin

    My biggest blunder was not bringing any “women’s supplies” and subsequently had to ask complete strangers for them. Quite embarrassing at that time (long time ago though but never really forgotten. LOL)!

  • Rogue_Femme

    I never realized how tough a desert environment is on someone’s skin and lips… In 2007, my best friend and I did a road trip through the Southwest USA and I failed to bring along proper sunscreen, lip protection and moisturizer… My lips turned into a chapped, blistered mess during the hot summer; my poor skin hurt from the burns, but also felt tight and cracked. It was horrendously painful. And it was really ugly to look at too.

  • truckerofbc

    My biggest blunder was putting Suntan “burn” relief on as a Suntan oil not realizing I was rubbing alcohol over my body.

  • Elliot Figueira

    I was horribly sunburned in Mexico, my skin was peeling extensively

  • Debbie Fedorak

    I was severely sunburned on my vacation to Barbados.

  • Jane Reid Gray

    @MushypeaJane on Twitter and comment & pic tweeted. My biggest horror is forgetting Tweezers and girly shaving supplies when on the road and at weekend summer gigs. Really do not like the appearance of girl fur which springs up over night 🙂

  • dorcontest

    I had some running shoes on while doing my forty minute walk. Wow, I could feel a blister starting but had to finish my walk. Though, it would have been nice to just fly home. Spread my wings and fly. Boy, that was a big and painful blister. I got new shoes. Sketchers.
    Doreen Lamoureux
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  • Julia

    Burnt my stomach while sitting on the beach only to stand up to realize i only burnt the tops of my rolls and now have a stripe pattern of red and white on my abdomen

  • Nicole Bonito

    my biggest blunder was on a road trip and didn’t put shoes on at a scenic stop. It was so hot as I wandered around I burned the bottom of my feet. I couldn’t wear shoes for a week because my feet blistered up!

  • Party Elle

    I didn’t wear waterproof mascara when I should have – I had raccoon eyes!

  • Darrah Bailey

    Id HAVE to say its the time I went to a music festival and forgot sunscreen, heat was +30 Celsius and direct heat (no shade) for 3 days! I looked similar to a lobster.

  • Callie

    My Biggest Summer beauty blunder was definitely when i went outside with jeans that had holes in them. I forgot to put sunscreen on so the next day when I went outside in shorts I had tan circles in random spots all over my legs! It lasted for weeks!

  • lisa

    my biggest summer blunder was I fell asleep in the sun and burned my face, it was so red and sore.

  • Loreena

    Falling asleep in the sun and waking up perma fried

  • Heather T

    I am white…as white as one can be. Translucent, practically. As such, I typically wear SPF 1000 when I go out – especially at a music festival. 3 years ago; however, I made a major blunder. I was at an outdoor concert, and applying sunscreen. I touched my eyes – big mistake – which resulted in my contacts getting blurred. I could see…but not well. I reached out for my sunscreen bottle to apply the remainder of my sunscreen and unbeknownst to me, my friend of a different ethnicity, had another bottle with her – a tanning lotion. The complete opposite of what I intended to put on. I slathered a fair bit of it on me before she noticed and grabbed it out of my hand. Needless to say….I looked a tad streaked. Ugh.

  • Lauraleigh

    I once fell asleep while relaxing in a kiddie-pool. The reflection from the pool water gave me the most bizarre tan-pattern with wavy lines all over my body! lol. I will never make that mistake again!! 🙂

  • Tabby72

    My biggest blunder is to forget to wear sunscreen on a sunny day and end up with a burn, then peeling skin. Not to mention the long term damage to my skin!

  • Genevieve SG

    I thought I wouldnt need sunscreen on a cloudy day at the beach! Oh what a HUGE mistake…I basically became a snake that shed her skin after a few days….ouchie!!

  • ivy pluchinsky

    I remember one time it was plus 44 outside without the humidex and we spent all day in the water, well my feet and lets were so burnt after being in a tube on the water all day! I looked like a lobster! Never again did i do that

  • Aarone Mawdsley

    using self tanner instead of regular skin lotion!

  • nicolerf

    I underestimated how much sun you can get reflected off the water even if you are in the shade. Painful mistake!

  • Noelle

    my biggest beauty blunder is wearing too much foundation, which ended up melting off of my face.

  • hollymessana

    Forgetting to apply sunscreen daily and ending up with brown blotches on my cheeks

  • lorri

    putting on heavy makeup on a very hot day, it melted!

  • @Zac_maniac

    I hate when I forget to put sunscreen on!

  • Gabriela Salvatore

    Taking a nap on a hammock in the hot sun with a face full of makeup – I looked like a monster after

  • Sarah Gibson

    One summer I went swimming and I ended up with 2nd and close to 3rd degree burns on my legs. It was so painful to wear pants to work, for weeks. Thankfully they healed up well and left no scars, which is what I was most worried about. Wear sunscreen kids;)

  • Fairuz Shahria

    Oily hair and messed up mascara on day of an IMotherEarth concert

  • fossie55

    Getting burns from the sun.
    Florence C

  • Dale Steele Nicolov

    For my college prom at the end of the year one ,I used some of the fake tanning lotion.I turned a weird greenish shade.It was really disappointing!

  • Danielle

    I have problems with mascara running, even with waterproof formulas.

  • aly3360

    I think not blending foundation well enough and not applying it to my neck (not knowing any better) was a big mistake i used to make, but you live and you learn.

  • drdybyrd

    my feet getting blistered so badly that i couldn’t enjoy the second day of the festival

  • Hopingforchange

    Biggest beauty blunder was not reapplying sunscreen and wearing shades. At the end of the day I had mega racoon eyes. White under the sunglasses and red everywhere else. Oops!

  • Connie Bocsik

    My biggest Summer time beauty blunder was not changing my under eye concealor to a shade or two darker as my face got tanned. Noticing in pictures the difference in colour is pretty embarassing.

  • Valerie C

    My biggest summertime blunder was wearing non waterproof mascara and having it run down my face all day. At the end of day I had major raccoon eyes.

  • dawn walsh

    i think it would be putting that tanning lotion and not getting it even so i was also orange

  • Ariel C

    getting an awful sunburn!

  • Erin

    I went to a festival and on the first day wore bug eyed sunglasses and no sunscreen. So after that I was rocking a pretty wicked face tan for the last 2 days of the festival!

  • Kelly D

    Not using sunscreen on a cloudy day on the beach was my biggest blunder! I was peeling for days after – ick!

  • K-9

    waterskiing without sunscreen

  • KC

    Fell asleep on the beach and got the worst sunburn with blisters for a week

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    spent a few days at the beach and got myself a nasty sunburn! now my skin is tight and needs restoration ..not to mention the peeling, i feel like im part snake

  • kikisbff

    Melting makeup

  • Jessica Cyr

    Such an awesome contest !!


    I once fell asleep in the sun with shorts on and woke up with blisters all over my legs from the sunburn.

  • Judy Duong

    smudged makeup!