Like pork belly and bacon everything, gelato has become quite the trendy little treat. Real discerning foodies know that the Italian frozen dessert is denser, smoother and can wow your tastebuds with more intense flavour than plain-Jane ice cream. It contains protein, vitamins from fruit, and less fat and calories than ice cream (it can contain more sugar, though). Gelato can also be kept at warmer temperatures, so it’ll be less messy on hot days. (Uh, thankfully it’s starting to finally feel like the warmth is here to stay!) Luckily for us, even though the recipe was developed overseas, Toronto has a pool of talent making delicious gelato. Here’s where to dig in with your tiny plastic spoon…


Cheese Boutique
In terms of authenticity and quality, you won’t find anything better than the Cheese Boutique’s gelato stand. Known for its commitment to excellence in the rare products and fresh produce they sell, Cheese Boutique uses only in-house ingredients and creates the gelato right behind the attendant who doles out the goods. The machinery used was flown in directly from Italy, like the lemons used to make their incredible limone gelato, and the employees were trained by an Italian gelato expert. Compared to some other gelato stands, the selection is small, but you’ll fall in love with at least a few, if not all they have to offer.

Boreal Gelato
Boreal Gelato will feel good in your belly and good in your heart, too. In contrast to Cheese Boutique’s imported goods, Boreal uses local suppliers and local ingredients wherever possible. Flavours are based on the season and availability. Pack it all up with biodegradable cups and this is definitely a guilt-free dessert.

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Dolce Gelato
If you can’t eat gelato in Italy, you might as well eat it in Little Italy. And Dolce Gelato has come up with one of the best ideas ever: gelato on a crepe or waffle. Yes, they found a way to make dessert even more indulgent. Add a selection of fresh fruit, chocolate sauce and other toppings to create your ultimate carb-y, creamy dream. And don’t stop there. Dolce has a selection of other desserts you could add gelato to. The sky – and the calorie count – is the limit.

G for Gelato
The only thing sweeter than the gelato at G For Gelato is their family story. Carrying on their parents’ gelato business – which started as a refrigerated cart being driven around Italy by bicycle – the Polsinelli family certainly have dessert in their blood. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll tell you more about their family traditions over a coffee at their espresso bar.

Hollywood Gelato
Are traditional gelato flavours just not exciting you any more? Head to Hollywood Gelato, where they’re getting creative and seductively sinful with their mixtures. Some of their current selection includes Banana Chocolate Chip, Cake Batter, Coconut Cream Pie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Wafer, Rocky Rocher, and Skor. Allot as much time as possible for your visit, since that is going to be one difficult decision.

Lick It Gelato
The folks at Lick It Gelato, located on the Harbourfront, demonstrate their passion for gelato by the quality of their ingredients. Master gelato artisans tirelessly create fresh gelato daily in-house. Their long hours (open from 8am to midnight on weekdays, 9am to midnight on weekends) ensure they can provide you relief from your sugar cravings pretty much any time you might need it. If you need a more balanced meal before finding an excuse to indulge, Lick It also makes gourmet soups and sandwiches.