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Toronto Restaurant Openings in March 2014

Talk about some serious Toronto restaurant March Madness! This month we saw a crazy amount of restaurants popping up around the city. From innovative gastropubs and sandwich shops to some seriously badass Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine, there’s a plethora of new…

CraveTO Leaves us Wanting More

There was no way that an event planner could, or would have, predicted that it would be under 10-degrees on a night in late May. A biting wind and an open-air venue unfortunately don’t create the most inviting of atmospheres….

The Best Sandwich Shops in Toronto

For all of those out there on low-carb/no-carb diets, I know that no matter how fervently you try and deny it, we all crave bread. It’s soft, comfort in a loaf – the most soothing of freshly baked scents. Bread…