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Akira Back - Bisha Hotel

Akira Back at The Bisha Hotel is Quite Exquisite

Bisha Hotel has been the talk of the town for months now (actually years, if you count the build) and like everything else about the hotel, the restaurants and bars – Mister C. and Kost – are exquisitely designed offering…

Lo Zingaro Has Your Pizza Pleasure

I’m not sure if I’d believe someone if they tried to tell me they didn’t enjoy pizza. It’s one of those comforting staples that find their way into one’s edible rotation with perhaps greater frequency than one’s belt-line may appreciate….

Soho House Toronto Gets ‘Dirty’

I think it’s safe to say that the lavish dinners of yore have become just that: remnants of the past. No longer is there the ritual of dining – dressing to the nines to impress one’s date, a greeting by…

Cheap and Cheerful Eats in Toronto

Toronto seems to have its own microclimate in the eating scene where good food is always in season. With everything from hole in the wall hotspots to the highest quality fine dining restaurants, there’s also a healthy array of cheap…