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Toronto Vanguard

Vanguard: The Frontline of Indie Cinema Are you a creative Vanguard? Do you lead from the front? Are you unafraid to tell bold & dynamic stories? Do your movies feature underrepresented narratives & peoples? Do you want to lead change…

Toronto Vintage

Toronto Vintage Clothing Show 2018

Welcome to the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show! It’s Canada’s largest sale of Vintage Clothing – the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show. Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Handbags, Accessories, Menswear and Designer Vintage. Everything you could ever want is here! It runs from Saturday…

Park and Bark Dog Show

Park And Bark Dog Show

Park & Bark Dog Shows are a series of free “pop-up” dog shows in Toronto. These special outdoor markets will gather the thousands of dog owners/lovers, their dogs, experts and exhibitors. Together they exchange information, shop, sample, hear and see great new…


Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest 2018

Enjoy some awesome Beer, Bourbon & BBQ! Fire up the BBQ! More than 17,000 attendees will close out the summer at this one-of-a-kind event featuring one of the most celebrated forms of cooking, BBQ! Guests will taste the best from…

The Rosé Picnic

Chef Mark McEwan is collaborating with one of Toronto’s classiest events of the year, the Rosé picnic. The picnic will be held at the newly restored Hotel X located at Stanley Barracks and will provide guests with an experience to remember….